Rafael Van der Vaart - a football genius with a rich past

Rafael Van der Vaart - a pupil of the legendary School of Amsterdam "Ajax", which over the past 40 years has given the world almost as many great players as much as the entire South American continent. Rafael for career speaks at the position of attacking midfielder. Its main advantages are considered good technique and ability to perform quality standards. The player profile include such clubs as "Ajax," Madrid "Real", "Hamburg" and others.

The young leader of the

Rafael van der Vaart is rapidly made his debut for the first team, "Ajax" at the turn of the millennium. Already at such a young age is not the guy just handed high hopes and was the undisputed leader amsterdamtsev and permanent team regular. For Dutch club Rafa played five years and managed to chop more than fifty goals in 117 matches.

Rafael Van der Vaart - a football genius with a rich past

Up the stairs

Of course, the talented midfielder in the structure desired to see many of top clubs in Europe. The press has already savored the details of potential transfers, journalists have tried to predict the possible movement vectors of the Dutch star. More surprising was when Rafael van der Vaart was in a modest "Hamburg", who managed to miraculously detach a part of possible employers. Fans of "dinosaurs" certainly remember with gratitude those three years when Rafa played the role of playmaker in the team. Midfielder for three seasons performances had pretty much noise on the football fields of Germany and Europe. He became the best scorer of the "Hamburg", often "do" game in matches against principal rivals ( "Bavaria", "Schalke 04", etc.), Pulled the team out of the relegation zone in the 2006-2007 season.

Rafael Van der Vaart - a football genius with a rich past


Whatever adored Rafael van der Vaart in the "Hamburg", it was clear as day, that sooner or later (and probably sooner) he leaves the "blue-black". The transition has long been brewing, and the summer of 2008, something happened that should have happened.

Creative playmaker really wanted to see in their ranks at Madrid, "Atletico", but it is in the application for the season their main enemy came Rafael van der Vaart. Footballer chosen star "Real", which, by the way, and others were his countrymen.

You can not call this decision a mistake, in the camp of the "cream" Rafael continues to demonstrate a high level of football skills. However, if the "Ajax" and "Hamburg" Rafael van der Vaart was the star of the number one in the "Real", he became only one of the "galacticos".

The glorious times of

Madrid "Real" is always easy to buy the top stars in Europe and is easily parted with them. In 2010, the team left a number of Dutch players, including was and Rafael van der Vaart. Midfielder moved to London "Tottenham", which again became the very heart of the team, which was at the dawn of his career in the Netherlands and Germany. As part of the "Spurs" playmaker spent 63 match, which was different, and scored goals and assists.

Rafael Van der Vaart - a football genius with a rich past

In the following three seasons Rafael returned to his favorite "Hamburg", whose colors defended successfully until 2015.

At the age of 32 years old football player went to the Spanish "Betis", and the 2016-2017 season started already in the Danish "FC Midtjylland". Undoubtedly, the sports career is drawing to a close, but, looking back, it can safely be said that his football biography clearly failed.