Andrey Dikan - all life in gloves

Andrey Dikan began his career in the city of Kharkov. There's also a young age a future professional athlete studied at the Institute of Physical Culture. At a fairly young age of the goalkeeper moved to live in Russia, where he played for several clubs from the Premier League.

Perhaps the most vivid impressions footballer was playing for the Moscow "Spartak". Fans quickly fell in love with Andrei Dikan, whose biography is crossed with the capital club when he was in his late thirties. Paradoxically, neither Andrew nor his wife Natalia to Moscow and not used. Capital are considered "not their" city. In the summer of 2016 Dikan finished football career and is planning a move to Krasnodar or to move to Kharkov, where he goes to school eldest daughter of Andrew.

Andrey Dikan - all life in gloves

Start a career

The first Russian club became a young goalkeeper Khabarovsk "SKA-Energia". It Dikan spent more than a hundred matches and missed an average of 0, 88 balls per game. This is a very good result, especially considering that the Khabarovsk team - a team from the bottom of the standings.

The next stop for the player became the Krasnodar "Kuban", for which Andrei Dikan spent four seasons. At that time, the goalkeeper appeared strong competitor in the person of Vladimir Gabulov, so the match practice he began to receive less. However, the statistics still remained on the side of Ukrainian goalkeeper - in 94 matches for the "yellow-green" Dikan missed only 66 goals.

Andrey Dikan - all life in gloves


Ukrainian Andriy Dikan trip can hardly be called successful. Played guard gate is small, I miss a lot. His contract with the Crimeans to expire in 2008, and football player decided not to renew the agreement. After some deliberation Andrey Dikan moved to Grozny "Terek", where he spent the next season as the main team goalkeeper.


In the words of a football player, at the end of last decade, all went to the fact that, after playing another season or two, the goalkeeper would have quietly finished his career, and it is unlikely someone remembered. But suddenly the goalkeeper received an invitation from the Moscow "Spartak".

Andrey Dikan - all life in gloves

Andrey Dikan made his debut for the "people's team" in September 2011, and in the match Spartacus defeated the Moscow region "Saturn". A week later the goalkeeper first appeared on the emerald lawn as a participant in the Champions League and brilliantly conducted a duel. With the score 1: 0 was beaten Marseille "Olympic" and the Ukrainian goalkeeper got the results of the match, the highest score in the part of both teams. At that time he was thirty-three years, but the goalkeeper looked confidently at the gate and younger in the photo. Andrey Dikan had a great season, at the end of which was named the best player of the Premier League.

Confident game and the status of the main goalkeeper in Moscow "Spartak" Dikan allowed to rely on getting a bid for Euro 2012, but the help of "blue-yellow" team Andrew and could not. Euroforum the eve of the match of the Premier League, he was seriously injured by striker Alexander Kerzhakov and recovery period had to be without match practice. The next full season goalkeeper spent in 2013-2014, after which he decided to leave the Moscow team. However, Andrei Dikan not tied to the sport and has signed a contract for two years with the "Krasnodar". Being in great shape, the goalkeeper again showed the statistics of their best years and during both seasons remained solid player base in the "black buffalo." Total for the Krasnodar team player had 59 matches.

Andrey Dikan - all life in gloves



Dikan could choose to play him for the national team of Russia or Ukraine. The first could offer the role of reservist Akinfeev and Lodygina, second - Pyatov and Shovkovskiy. Perspective, as we see, hazy, however, as is the case with "Spartacus", being in an already mature age, Andrey Dikan received a long-awaited call to the national team of Ukraine. It was on the eve of Euro 2012, therefore, play a few friendly matches and suffered a serious injury, the goalkeeper left hopes to get his first big international tournament.

Andrey Dikan - goalie-scorer

Even in his youth Dikan happened in one of the matches to replace the missing fielder. Then he scored twice, and it was not the last in the career goals Ukrainian goalkeeper. As part of "SKA-Energia" Andrei Dikan managed to distinguish six times, and not only in a penalty, but also in the game.