The moon was much older than previously thought

July 21, 1969, mankind has made its first steps on the moon. A few hours stay on the lunar surface, the crew "Apollo 11" assembled and delivered to Earth 20 kilograms lunar soil samples. Even half a century later, these patterns can still surprise. For example, recently, scientists from the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, University of Cologne, made a discovery about the age of the satellite of our planet. And the moon was much older than previously thought.

The moon was much older than previously thought

How to form the Moon

For reasons scientists, the Moon was formed as a result of a gigantic collision between planetary body the size of Mars and the ancient Earth. Over time, the moon rose from a cloud of matter, escape to Earth orbit after the collision. Newborn Luna was covered magmatic ocean, which cools to form different types of rocks.

These rocks are "recorded" information about the formation of the Moon, and they still can be found on the lunar surface, - said Dr. Maxwell Tiemens, University of Cologne researcher and lead author of the study. Such observation is no longer possible on Earth, since our planet was geologically active for a long time, and the Moon "froze" in the state and gives us a unique opportunity to study the planetary evolution.

The moon was much older than previously thought

Lund samples, which made it possible to calculate the real age of the Moon

How to determine the age of the Moon

Scientists from the University of Cologne in svoix studies used the connection between trace elements hafnium, uranium and tungsten, forming part of lunyh samples to understand the rate of melting of these elements. The reaction takes place and the elements of decay they decay at different rates depending on the breed age. The longer - the older the rock.

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Due to the unprecedented accuracy of measurement, a study has revealed the real age of the satellite of our planet. Therefore, scientists have no problem placing the samples in melting tank, could calculate when began to form what we now call the lunar samples. Thus, and I found out the real age of the moon.

How old is the Moon?

Earlier studies have pointed to the fact that the Moon formed approximately 150 million years after the formation of the solar system, but thanks to new data, it became known that the moon, most likely, there are 100 million years earlier, that is, 50 Illion years after the formation of the solar system or 4, 51 billion years ago. As scientists say, the determination of the age of the moon is important for understanding how and at what time the Earth formed and how it evolved into the "beginning of the way."

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