"Smart" cell can control the body without a brain

Protein - it's extremely important organic compounds that regulate almost all processes within our organism with you. Despite the fact that these compounds are known enough, scientists continue to discover all the new features and capabilities of the proteins. For example, not so long ago, a team of researchers from the University of California at San Francisco and the University of Washington created a new synthetic protein that is in contact with normal cells causes changes, turning them into "smart".

What is "smart" cell

If you try to explain in simple terms, the "smart" cells - are cells that have a certain element of independence. That is, they are capable of doing something without any "instructions" from our body. During recent studies have established a new synthetic protein that modifies the principle of operation of living cells, giving them the ability to "understand" that there were some changes in the environment.

How does an artificial protein

A new artificial protein called LOCKR (Latching Orthogonal Cage / Key pRotein) and it consists of several molecules, each of which plays a role. These roles can be called a "trap", "key" and "lock". First need to connect with the right to further modify the cell. "Castle" holds the functional part of the protein in an inactive form. When LOCKR suited to the desired cell and introduced into it, the "key" unlocks "the castle", and this leads to the fact that the protein begins to change the cell from the inside, giving it one or several new features, including: activate or deactivate certain genes, the self-destruction certain cells or proteins, the production of the desired compounds, and so forth.

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protein itself works LOCKR technology called degronLOCKR. The objective of this system is a change in the development of certain cellular proteins. For example, if the concentration of the protein needed for cell growth falls due LOCKR cell itself can "understand" that her work "that is not right," and it will automatically rebuild the metabolism so as to get everything back to normal.

Why You Need

One of the possible applications of the technology could be the rehabilitation of patients who have received one or other brain injury. The fact is that when the brain is damaged (eg by stroke), then this brain damage is much worse than giving teams throughout the body, which is extremely negative impact on the metabolism in general. LOCKR can help in this case and control metabolism and the cells at the periphery without commands from the central nervous system.

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