In Australia, we found the Jurassic Park

This Jurassic Park was found in Australia from Skotlandskogo University researchers. Under the main oil and gas fields of the country near the Cooper-Eromanga discovered a complex of more than one hundred of ancient volcanoes, buried under a thick layer of sand and stones. Is it worth it to local residents worry about it, or is it just a geological fact which can live in peace?

In Australia, we found the Jurassic Park

The discovery of new volcanoes in Australia

Despite the active development of the field, a unique feature of this region was open and noticed only now. According to the journal Gondwana Research open the volcanoes formed in the Jurassic period about 180 million years ago. Despite the fact that the central Australia at the moment is a sun-scorched desert, during the era of the dinosaurs, this area represents a pretty colorful place. Zone field Cooper Erromango was entirely dotted craters, of which almost always erupted hot lava flows, forming the surrounding landscape.

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The most famous cricketer

Now discovered volcanic park to attract tourists not only for its history, but also a very original name. Researchers decided to name his discovery as Warnie Volcanic Province in honor of the fairly well-known cricketer named Shane Warne. Such an unusual idea found its realization due to held a cricket match, which coincided with the time of detection of the ancient chain of volcanoes. Ready to share in our Telegram-chat your opinion about this?

Despite its original name, finding may point to a huge number of still undiscovered features Australian landscape. Due to the fact that the central regions of the continent are now virtually unexplored, in the future, scientists expect even bigger opening.