WHO said that microplastics assumes no harm

On our portal we have already once told you about the related problems of environmental pollution by plastic waste. But environmentalists have recently also stated that much more dangerous than the so-called microplastics (tiny almost invisible to the eye plastic particles), dissolved in water. However, more recently the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that microplastics assumes no harm to human health. But not all so simple.

WHO said that microplastics assumes no harm

would look like microplastics. And it is still quite "large" particles thereof

Why is not dangerous microplastics

Plastics industry in the last decade grew enormous pace and, according to some projections, by 2025 the production of plastics will grow by 2 times compared with current levels. Accordingly, and growing number of plastic wastes. Moreover, some studies show that even bottled water contains the smallest elements of the polymers useful in the manufacture of bottles.

This has caused serious concerns that people can use these particles, which are subsequently accumulate in the body and poison it. This confirmed the data obtained in the study, for example, marine plankton and other aquatic life, which has been found sufficiently large number of tiny plastic particles. See also: Plastic launched the "hidden" under the stones. What is it dangerous?

However, according to the WHO report, these data can not be extrapolated to humans. The WHO report states that microplastics in water and bottled water are less of a risk than bacteria and viruses. WHO experts say that larger microplastics (those greater than 150 micrometers in diameter, which is equivalent to the diameter of the hair) carry the lowest risk because they pass through the human body, never staying. Smaller particles can potentially get stuck in the walls of the digestive tract, but these particles are, firstly, the least common, and secondly, the researchers believe that they are unlikely to accumulate in large quantities. Do you agree with the opinion of the scientists? Speak out in our chat in the Telegram.

WHO said that microplastics assumes no harm

the world's oceans by plastic pollution - this is a very serious problem

Why do we still need to worry about microplastics

The fact that, despite the conclusion of the WHO, the organization experts themselves say that the problem microplastics "poorly understood" and requires further observation. In addition, at the moment it is not known what effect on the body have a plastic nanoparticles (and such is also available). Plastic nanoparticles, according to some reports, may enter the bloodstream, and it may already be much more dangerous. Besides, nothing is known about how influences on the body microplastics after heat treatment. For example, if the toxic properties microplastics manifested after water boil with microplastics. In this case, the harmful effects of microplastics on the environment is still not to be underestimated. Despite the fact that there is no evidence that microplastics negative impact on the "big" living organisms, smaller inhabitants of our planet like the aforementioned plankton and fish feel quite strongly influenced microplastics. A decline in the population of the small inhabitants of the seas may affect the entire food chain and eventually lead to an ecological catastrophe. So, even if microplastics and has no impact on us, it does not mean that it is harmless to other inhabitants of our planet.