How global warming affects human health

On the dangers of global warming and its effect on our planet has already been said a lot. In our news Telegram channel regularly published news on this topic. Without a doubt, global warming - it's a huge problem that affects the whole climate. But what about the impact of this phenomenon on people's health? At first glance it seems that there is no connection and can not be. But it is not so. Recently, a group of researchers from the United States found out how global warming affects human health. And, they say, their discovery - "this is only the beginning," because global warming could adversely These therapeutic effects far greater than we thought.

How global warming affects human health

If you do not stop global warming, life on our planet may disappear

As global warming affects our health?

According to Sciencedaily edition, a team of scientists from the University of Colorado have found a link between frequent recent cases of chronic kidney disease among the workers of the agricultural sector and global warming. Lead author MD Cecilia Sorensen and her colleagues said that chronic kidney disease (CKD) of unknown origin currently ranks second among causes of death in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The death toll from the disease rose by 83% in Guatemala over the past decade. The disease is also found in other regions such as the southern United States.

The exact cause of the disease, which often affects farm workers in hot climates, remained unknown. But it does not correspond within a typical chronic kidney disease, which is usually associated with diabetes and hypertension. What we do know is the fact that CKD is associated primarily with the effects of heat and dehydration. For example, employees of the sugar cane plantations in Central America work all day in the heat sorokogradusnuyu.

How global warming affects human health

Global warming affects the cold regions. For example, the population of polar bears has decreased significantly in recent years

The authors conducted a large-scale study in which was found a direct correlation between the increase in reported cases of chronic kidney disease and an increase in ambient temperature. In regions with a hot climate the number of such cases are much higher than in colder latitudes. In this case, the temperature rise associated with global warming, "expands" the boundaries of these zones, which means more and more people are at risk.

This is interesting: How global warming will change the city in the world? But that's not all. Worldwide the number of human cases of Lyme disease in the region has increased significantly over the past few years in which she had never met. This, according to experts, due to the fact that the winters have become much more warm and cold climate, which is used to kill most of the mites do not inflict such harm. This means increasing their population. The same applies to the mosquito vector of dengue fever, malaria and viral Zika. They also began to appear in the "new" for itself regions of the globe.

Moreover, experts do not exclude the fact that global warming and the associated increase in temperature has a negative effect on other organs and systems. In particular, the respiratory and cardiovascular. But "further research is needed" to confirm this hypothesis.