Wormholes can connect black holes in different universes

New research offers us a little escape from everyday worries and think about this - if you can send a message to another universe with the help of a black hole? whether it comes? And how much we can send a message? Assumptions that black holes may be portals to other universes is not new. This was stated by the British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, famous for the study of black holes. Today physics discovered that, under certain circumstances, we may send a message via the existing theoretical wormhole that connects black holes in different universes. Wow!

Wormholes can connect black holes in different universes

could look like wormhole

What is a wormhole?

Wormhole or a wormhole - a hypothetical feature of space-time, which is a "tunnel" in space. It is believed that the wormholes may be interconnected. Thus, once a wormhole in one part of the universe, it will be possible to go to another.

"Wormholes": Russian physicist offered an explanation wormhole geometry

Note that the General Theory of Relativity (GTR) admits the existence of these tunnels. However, to ensure that the wormhole was passable need certain conditions, so that we are still far from a full understanding of wormholes. Share your knowledge about wormholes with members of our Telegram-chat, it will be interesting!

Wormholes can connect black holes in different universes

"tunnel" formed by the two wormholes might look like

A study wormholes

So back to the study scientists. According to the results, if we send a message through a wormhole that connects black holes in different universes, then it should be very short (measured in quantum bits or qubits). So if scientists of the universe on the other side of the black hole is also up to us to tell anything, it will only nuggets of information. In order to establish a link between two universes, it is necessary that both universes, and related black holes have a certain shape and form. For example, passage through the wormhole is only possible if the space-time has a negative curvature. It does not sound very clear, so let us explain: the curvature of space-time is a physical effect, due to the divergence or convergence of the trajectories of freely falling bodies. Space curvature can be positive or negative. Prostrastvo with positive curvature - a surface of a sphere, which is equally curved at each point. A space with negative curvature may have a shape of a saddle riding with different curvatures at various points. By the way, on our channel in Yandex. Zen can read about parallel universes.

Wormholes can connect black holes in different universes

It looks like a space with negative curvature

Thanks to previous studies, scientists have known theoretical transmission of information through the wormhole is similar to quantum teleportation. However, in the case of wormholes exist restrictions on the amount of information transmitted. In quantum teleportation, the information can be instantly sent over long distances, using quantum-entangled particles, ie the particles are not associated with each other, regardless of the distance that separates them.

The information can change black holes

Wormholes can connect black holes in different universes

In the picture: the event horizon of a black hole. Event Horizon - a region around the black hole. If the information or the light get into the event horizon, they get out would be impossible In the new study, the researchers studied a walkable wormhole, using the space-time geometry, described by Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity.

The results showed that at the same time through a wormhole can be transmitted only a few bits of information. The researchers also found that the sending of messages through a wormhole change black holes.

The fact that sending a black hole will increase in weight, and host a black hole will decrease with each message sent. When the first message is received by the black hole will lose about 30% of its mass, and in subsequent communications and disappear altogether. In addition, each subsequent message will be reduced in size, so that ultimately it will not contain any information.

Dizzily, is not it? Of course, everyone understands that such wormholes, linking the universes, exist only in theory. Still, scientists do not rule out the possibility that such objects can exist or be created. Maybe they can even manage advanced civilizations. What do you think, are there any in the vast universe?