Games on blokcheyne - the next stage in the evolution of video games

blokcheyn technology now used in various fields, but in the gaming industry it promises to make a real revolution. What is blokcheyn games and how they will change the video game market? On this and many other things we told Vitaly Eremeychik, CBDO game IQeon PvP-platform, created with the use of technology blokcheyn.

Games on blokcheyne - the next stage in the evolution of video games

blokcheyne Games just around the corner

What blokcheyn game?

Blokcheyn game is different in that processes are partially or entirely take place in the chain of blocks, and the history of the game change is transparent and open to every user.

Blokcheyn logic game is controlled by a smart contract. This means that neither the developers nor the players will not be able to interfere with the gameplay and adjust the rules. For example, the user pumps the character is involved in a virtual race, opens the chest of pirate treasure or sells gaming loot to another user. Each of these actions is essentially a transaction as a result of which the player obtains a certain number of digital asset account. Smart contract in this case ensures that the terms of the transaction, done in the game, will be made clear.

Games on blokcheyne - the next stage in the evolution of video games

Vitaly Eremeychik, CBDO game PvP-platform

Reliability blokcheyna opens ample opportunities for users. They can interact with each other in games: buy and sell gaming loot without fear of being deceived.

From the first projects to experiment Ubisoft has

Seriously about blokcheyn games talked about in 2017, when developers around the world have been actively releasing games on blokcheyne Ethereum. In each of these projects allow users to perform any action in the game and receive a prize in cryptocurrency. Blokcheyn game showed the players from around the world a new model of the mechanics of play-to-earn, which allows users to monetize their in-game achievements and receive for winning in virtual battles quite real income. New features offered blokcheyn technology created for the players extra motivation to carry in games longer and also attract new players category - crypto enthusiasts and people who come into play not to play, and to make .

The trend has picked up not only to small start-ups, but also major players in the market. With technology blokcheyn currently experimenting gaming giant Ubisoft, release blokcheyn game for the PlayStation promises Sony, already have similar projects for mobile devices. So, probably, in the near future model of play-to-earn greatly change the video game industry.

Why more developers use blokcheyn

Developers are beginning to resort to blokcheyn technologies increasingly, as it can help to solve a number of pressing issues geymdev sphere.

Firstly, cheating in games. Due to its decentralized architecture blokcheyn solves the problem of cheating in games due to smart contracts. Provided for in these scenarios simply do not leave loopholes for cheaters - they shall not "cheat" game points, or deceive another player.

Secondly, blokcheyn can increase user involvement in the gameplay. Technology always stores the player's progress in the chain of blocks that allows the user when switching to another game in a single ecosystem to start it with the already "pump over" character. Due to this, the user will be more interested to continue to develop their unit.

Games on blokcheyne - the next stage in the evolution of video games

The ability for players to save their progress to a certain extent implemented in our IQeon platform. Members participate in the game matches and get as a reward for winning the internal digital platform asset - IQN. It can be obtained in some games and spend to participate in others. Thus, IQN becomes cross-game asset which can be used everywhere within the platform and transferred to other assets or fiatnye money if desired.

What hinders the development of projects on blokcheyne

Despite the great potential and advantages for players blokcheyn games need a lot of time to win a large audience. At the moment, the market represented not so much blokcheyn projects. In addition, the threshold occurrence of such games is high enough. After all, in order to start earning blokcheyn-game, the user must have an e-wallet, cryptocurrency interested in, and in some cases even have a number of tokens in the account.

Today, when video game audience has billions of users, the number of players blokcheyn games hundreds of thousands. If you take only blokcheyn Ethereum, the number of holders of purses with gaming assets, totals 72,000. But as the crypto-literate consumers will continue to grow, the number of blokcheyn projects will increase. And we IQeon believe that this process will start very soon.