As news about politics harming your health?

Actively follow the news from the world of politics? Scientists believe that perhaps it is not worth doing. According to the study, published in the PLOS One journal, news from the world of politics could have a negative impact on health. The survey showed that 11, 5% of Americans believe that the policy harms their physical health. According to 38% of respondents news from the world of politics is a cause of stress, while one in five said that he could not sleep because of the endless stream of news.

As news about politics harming your health?

News negatively affect health. Who would have thought?

The era of the information storm

We have repeatedly written about the fact that one of the global challenges of the XXI century is an overabundance of information. Often, our inability or unwillingness to check the facts, leads to sad consequences. Such as the massive failure of the vaccination, the belief in a flat earth or conspiracy theories. At the same time, the number of a variety of news in the world is growing every day. News about politics, world leaders and their solutions is very much not only on the Internet - do not forget about TV.

According to scientists, published work is the first study that examines the impact of news on the mental and physical health. Experts note that in the United States during the election season of 2016 society was divided along political lines. The influence of such a division of opinion on the individual was taken into account by sociologists and researchers in the field of health. It should be noted that a similar division of opinion was observed in Russia in late 2014. More News from the world of science and technology can be found on our news Telegram-channel.

As news about politics harming your health?

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As it turned out, the political confrontation almost led to a public health crisis. According to the study 4, 1% of respondents admitted that their suicidal thoughts because of the recent political developments in the country. Across the United States population is about 13 million people.

As news of policy impact on health?

In the study, researchers used data from YouGov - British international Internet company, which is engaged in market research and data analysis. Information collected for five days in March 2017 - after about two months after the inauguration of Donald Trump. In total, it was surveyed about 800 respondents from the group of 1, 8 million people. The study is based on the diagnostic tools that are used in Alcoholics Anonymous (JAA) and Gamblers Anonymous (ARO), and included 32 questions, which can be divided into four categories - physical health, mental health, regret for their own behavior and the social and living expenses .

You may be wondering: How emotions affect the political views? Along with the negative impact on the physical and mental health of Americans, often chaotic and divisive news cycle leads to the fact that people go out of themselves (29, 3%). The flow of information also contributes to problems in the relationship - one in five said that opposing political views have undermined the friendship, and 14, 6% said that differences in political views have a negative impact on family relationships.

As news about politics harming your health?

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More than 2, 1% of the respondents believe that too much worry because of who wins or loses the election, and 26, 4% admitted that they have fallen into a depression, when they lost to the selected candidate. Almost a third (31, 8%) agreed with the statement that the impact of the media, promoting views that are contrary to their beliefs can bring to mind.

was interested in politics - is harmful?

The findings suggest that people perceive politics as health hazards. Stress - it is a real phenomenon that can have disastrous consequences for the health, as we often write on the pages of our publication. Stress is linked to the development of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, depression, and gastrointestinal disease.

As news about politics harming your health?

Studies on how to influence news top news voiced them yet

As another source of stress, scientists called "environmental alert", or worry about the future of the planet due to climate change and inaction of world leaders. According to a study by the American Psychological Association (APA), 58 $ of Gen Z (those born in the mid nineties to mid-2000) and 51% of US adults reported that they felt stress about climate change. News about mass executions, the growing number of suicides, the separation and deportation of migrant families also provoke stress in the United States population.

It should be noted that the research so far is the only one of its kind. We hope that in the future scientists will pay more attention to the impact of news on mental health. And you follow the latest news from the world of politics? Discuss the news affect you and how it can be in the comments and with members of our Telegram-chat.