How many earn the richest man in the world?

According to the report, Global Wealth Report, at present, there are 42 million of dollar millionaires in the world, and 2, 3 million people were added only for 2018. The vast majority of newly made millionaires has a condition that is estimated between one and five million dollars, while to the ultra-rich people are business people with a fortune of over 50 million. According to official statistics, such millionaires are about 150,000 people living around the world. The richest man in the list of the richest people in the world in 2019 was the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is currently estimated at $ 150 billion.

How many earn the richest man in the world?

Jeff Bezos - the richest man in the world

The richest man in the world

For nearly 18 years, the richest man in the world is well-known Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose fortune was estimated in 2016 at 76, 4 billion dollars. In 2018 the rating status Gates suddenly all moved to the second position, having fallen under strong pressure from soaring shares of Amazon and increase the status of its founder - Jeff Bezos. After graduating from Princeton University with a degree in computer science, the future billionaire was working on Wall Street, occupying various positions in the field of international trade. In 1994, Jeffrey Preston Bezos founded in his garage small company Amazon, which is destined to eventually become one of the largest companies in the world with a net revenue of $ 10 billion a year. Despite the fact that Amazon began as an online book store, its assortment gradually expanded, capturing more and more new types of products, as well as virtual services. By 2019, is a huge online platform of e-commerce where you can buy almost everything imaginable and unimaginable products and services.

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Another very interesting project Bezos is an aerospace company, Blue Origin founded by him, engaged in the development of space tourism directly at the ranch of its founder. Despite this fun fact, in May 2019 it is Blue Origin has got into the list of aerospace companies, approved by NASA for further cooperation in the development of a new generation of spacecraft to land on the moon.

How many earn the richest man in the world?

The building is Blue Origin Jeff Bezos aerospace company

The third large-scale investments Bezos became famous American publishing house The Washington Post, the newspaper of the same name which won 47 Pulitzer Prizes. What seems to be Jeff Bezos really know a lot about investing.

Eccentric and famous for its fantastic ideas billionaire move steadily towards achieving their cherished goal of childhood - to build the first space base, available to more people. It is known that Bezos thinks about the creation of a special electromagnetic gun, which was intended to be a quick cargo transportation on the Earth's orbit. Will carry out their plans is the richest man on the planet? Well, time will tell.

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