What is sleep paralysis?

Have you ever ever seen a dream that occurs if in reality - you're lying in bed unable to move, and all around there is something terrible: you in a window climbs monster or even sitting on your chest, trying to break you on part. Or you can see if someone sinister in the room was watching you, creeping closer and closer. In this case, you just can not influence what is happening, as your arms and legs do not obey you. You can not do anything, not even scream. If something like this happened to you or your loved ones, remember that to be afraid and flee for help to psychics do not need - a condition called sleepy paralysis, and is described in detail by experts.

What is sleep paralysis?

During sleep paralysis a person may seem to have been abducted by aliens

What are sleep disorders?

We have repeatedly written about the benefits of healthy sleep. However, regardless of whether you get enough sleep every day or not, there is a sleep disorder that can seriously dampen your life. For example, one man had a dream that he plays football. In the most crucial moment of the game a man yelled, "Now I will score a goal!", Grabbed his head sleeping next to his wife and tried to throw "the ball" to the foot of the bed. Also, there are cases where in a dream people committed crimes - one man strangled his wife because he dreamed that he was being chased by two armed soldiers.

Nightmares, on the assumptions of scientists, even animals dream. If you have pets, you probably noticed that during sleep cats and dogs can make quick movements paws. You might even have seen the video, which peacefully sleeping on his side a dog suddenly starts to pull the legs and rocks. Then the animal suddenly jumped up and swung and hit the wall.

What is sleep paralysis?

But how to explain this behavior in animals and humans? These sleep problems have nothing to do with such sleep apnea - in sleep apnea and even restless legs syndrome - a condition in which a person experiences unpleasant sensations in the lower limbs, which makes him intensely to move the legs to relieve the tension. To understand what may be caused by such strange behavior in a dream, it is necessary to draw the eye to a condition known as sleep paralysis.

Monsters of nightmares

In every culture, there are stories of demons that attack the peacefully sleeping people. In fact, this is not surprising. Biologist Alexander Panchin in the book "Protecting Against the Dark Arts" dedicated to the explanations of a variety of paranormal phenomena, describes the conditions that our ancestors could only explain the intervention of evil spirits. But we know you, that demons and spirits are not to blame.

What is sleep paralysis?

In the photo biologist and popularizer of science Panchin Alexander, author of "Defense Against the Dark Arts" - is strongly recommended reading for

In fact, a condition known as sleep paralysis - a surprisingly common sleep disorder that occurs at the moment between sleeping and waking, or just before bedtime, or directly during the waking man suddenly wakes up, fully aware of yourself and what is happening around, while remaining physically paralyzed. Despite the fact that the eyes of man can discover, publish any sound or move any of the limbs can not. It is not surprising that this condition causes intense fear. At the same time, being in a state of limbo between sleep and wakefulness, people suffering from auditory and visual hallucinations, which usually coincide with a sense of presence and movement around the body. Want to know what else the paranormal researchers exposed? Subscribe to our channel at Yandex. Zen and keep up with the latest developments.

However, no matter how horrible did not seem to sleep paralysis, its cause is quite simple to explain - this disorder is associated with the violation of REM sleep, during which we dream - the so-called REM (from the English rapid eye movements - rapid eye movement). During the REM phase brain blocks the movement of the majority of the muscles that we did not get up during sleep and did not get injured. Thus, during this phase of sleep can appear sleep paralysis - muscle movement blocked, the person is not sleeping.

Sleep paralysis occurs in healthy people who are affected by severe stress, very tired, jet lag and too quickly reached a deep sleep phase (up to the first two hours). Also, sleep paralysis overtakes lovers sleep on their backs. Get rid of sleep paralysis can be properly rested. Such states also faced by people suffering from anxiety disorders, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Why sleep paralysis is not dangerous?

According to the researchers, during the terrible visions that accompany sleep paralysis, there is no risk to life, because nothing of what we see and hear is not real. Besides, paralysis passes within a few minutes. After complete revival, experts advise to get up and move, otherwise there is a likelihood of recurrence of this unpleasant condition. Thus the scary stories about the night dushiteleyah and houses that sit on the chest, allegedly intending something to warn the sleeping person, called REM failure due to excessive fatigue. So if you suddenly overtaken by sleep paralysis, feel free to take a day off, but rather go on vacation. And you have never experienced sleep paralysis? Members of our chat Telegram-share with each other the stories of life join.

But in this case, to explain the odd behavior in a dream of humans and animals, as described earlier in this article?

Scientists believe that physical activity during REM phase may lead neurological damage. In cases where people dream harmed themselves and others as the man that played the wife of the head of football, specialists have identified the brain stem lesions in the pons - is a part of the brain responsible for sensory, motor and reflex functions. At the same time, experts say that such a state must be distinguished from somnambulism - a state in which a person walks in his sleep. The fact that sleepwalking is not related to the REM phase and is expressed in the unconscious movements during slow-wave sleep. According to expert estimates, suffer from sleepwalking 6-7% of children, but with age goes sleepwalking.

What is sleep paralysis?

It is no wonder that our ancestors told horror stories about monsters and demons that come in a dream

So the next time you hear a story about demons and monsters that come in the night to someone else's bed, remember this article and do not be afraid.