What would happen if the Earth's magnetic field will disappear?

Land, if by invisible threads, surrounded by a magnetic field of the planet. This field is generated by an internal source, it is essential for life on Earth. As a shield from solar particles, it may even help in the evolution of life on our planet. When disappearance of the magnetic field, a large number of charged particles will attack sun planet gradually disabling electrical networks and satellites. However, whether it can cause real apocalypse for living on the Earth?

What would happen if the Earth's magnetic field will disappear?

The Earth's magnetic field helps us to live comfortably and safely on our blue planet

The Earth's magnetic field is weakening

The Earth's magnetic field is a real protection of a global scale, which reliably protects us from harmful solar radiation. Despite this, a recent study researchers recorded its significant attenuation caused by unknown reasons. The researchers had also discovered the possible sources of the problem, which was the so-called South Atlantic Anomaly. In this area of ​​the planet solar particles fall closer to the Earth than usual, which is not correlated with the standard laws of physics.

It is important to understand that even if the magnetic field is gradually weakened, it persists forever because of the influence exerted by the molten outer core, which consists predominantly of nickel and iron. Scientists believe that the outer core moves due to heat convection, which stands out as the growth and solidification of the planet's center. This engine's magnetic field is known to us as the dynamo mechanism and has been working for billions of years. Scientists suggest that the current structure of the nucleus was established about 1, 5 billion years ago, however, a geophysicist John Tarduno and his team found evidence of the existence of a magnetic field on the Earth in ancient minerals of the planet, the so-called zircons, which appeared 4, 2 billion years ago. This finding suggests that activity in the core of the planet created the magnetism in a very long time.

What would happen if the Earth's magnetic field will disappear?

The magnetic field protects humans from harmful solar radiation for the past 4 years, 2 billion

Scientists suggest that a change in the mantle beneath South Africa could cause an inversion of the magnetic field. According to the study, by 2019 Pole has shifted more than 2,300 kilometers, compared with measurements in 1831. In addition to displacement of the magnetic pole, and the movement speed is increased from 15 km to 55 km per year. This rapid movement makes us more likely to adjust the navigation system, such as compasses in smartphones or aircraft navigation systems and ships. But even in that case, if the magnetic field is preparing a global revolution, it will not disappear completely, but only significantly weakened.

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Despite the fact that the weakening of the magnetic field will cause a powerful bombardment of the Earth's atmosphere by solar charged particles to feel the harmful effects, we simply do not have time. So, first of all, we will increasingly supply compasses, which will cease to perform its function and will show an area of ​​the high magnetic field, which can be very close to us. Northern and southern lights could be seen from the lower latitudes, because their appearance is the result of interaction between charged particles and solar magnitosfery the Earth.

What would happen if the Earth's magnetic field will disappear?

A weaker field will allow the charged solar particles penetrate the Earth's atmosphere, lighting up the sky closer to the equator

The influence of the South Atlantic Anomaly on satellites can spread throughout the earth, which will lead to technical failures on a planetary scale. At the time of reacting the ionosphere and solar particles, the latter also emit electrons from its molecular orbital. The newly formed electrons adversely affect the transmission of high-frequency radio waves, which are currently used for communication.

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However, the researchers do not know exactly how much time it may be required to complete the destruction of the planet's magnetic field. A similar process took place on Mars one day, which is about 4 billion years ago, faced with a massive cosmic body, and lost the opportunity to generate their own magnetic field and, as a consequence, a large part of the atmosphere. Example of Mars can show us the processes that are experiencing the gradual destruction of the planet with her magnetic field. Thus, long term exposure to solar radiation and the earth's atmosphere may gradually destroy our basic protection - ozone layer. A fundamental breach within this layer can significantly increase the level of ultraviolet radiation on human, which would entail an increased risk of skin cancer.