Rugby - it's ... history, rules, modernity

Rugby - a sport game. This sport promotes stamina, strengthen the cardiovascular system, weight loss.

Rugby - it's ... history, rules, modernity

The historical development of

Rugby - a game which is considered to be the founder of the popular ball game. The history of its origin goes far back into the past. Then folk games were divided into two main types. The first type combines a game action that occurred in the field delimited by the side and the front line. Players had to get the ball with his feet over the line. The game looks like an ordinary football.

The second kind of game was in action on the field without any restrictions. Essence was reduced to that of a rugby ball or object, replacing it, you must promptly enter into enemy territory. The ball was in his hands, and on the carrying person attacked people from the other team in order to take this subject. There were no rules, and the number of the game could change. English very fond of these games, they performed on all holidays, the streets and fields. Gradually, the game ball has become a favorite form of entertainment. The name of the game was due to the English Rugby. It is worth noting that in addition to there male and female rugby.


In a match of rugby may involve two teams, each playing 15 field players and the bench is another 7 people. The two halves of the playing field have certain zones:

- Offset Zone. Each participant of the game has its part of the field, which is charged at the intersection point. Scoring area is located behind the front.

- Game Zone. This part passes the entire game.

Rugby - it's ... history, rules, modernity

Rugby - a game whose aim is to deliver the ball into the end zone of the opposing team. Also, points are awarded for hitting the ball into the goal, but only if he beats on the crossbar. Play two halves, each of 40 minutes. Rugby - a game that has a distinctive feature - accounted for playing time without pauses and stops. After a 15 minute break, the team changed its location.

Winning the match is awarded to the team with the greater number of points, which are awarded for the following:

  1. Trying for which is awarded 5 points. In this case, the player carrying the ball has to get into the scoring zone of the opposing team.
  2. During a penalty try when the player could not finish the game due to gross interference by the opponent. For it is awarded 5 points.
  3. For the implementation. Two additional points are awarded for a successful implementation.
  4. During penalty kicks can be awarded 3 points. Often, the arbitrators fix serious violations and appoint additional strikes on goal.
  5. In the drop-goal rugby team gets 3 points. Rugby ball driven into the net, but with the condition that it hits the ground, and the blow is struck after the rebound.

Rugby: ball

Rugby - is a fun game that is enjoyed by the Americans and British. In this sport the team showed its strength, coherence and strategy.

Rugby - it's ... history, rules, modernity

The main attribute of a rugby ball. This item chetyrehdolny elongated or oval. Its length can reach 30 cm. There are a smaller-sized balls that are used exclusively in the competition among children.

Externally, the ball looks like an ellipse. At the initial stage of the game balls made of leather and special materials (rubber, rubber). But gradually it became clear that these materials are not suitable, for example, the skin absorbs moisture and the ball becomes too heavy.

Balls for playing rugby, are divided into several levels of the game thanks to their destination: directly to match professionals to the amateur game or workout. In addition, team logos or other images can be placed on this game product. High-quality ball for the game of rugby - it's half the battle.

The playing field is

The game is played on a rectangular field, which measures 100 meters in length and 70 in width. Surface grass. Marked playing field several parallel lines, which serve as separation zones. The most important of these is in line with a distance of 22 meters and center mark.

Rugby - it's ... history, rules, modernity

Gate rugby resemble the letter "H", include two vertical uprights, which are located at a distance of 6 meters from each other.

Attack Rules

The main feature of the game is that the teams can not "play forward". This means that prohibited direct transfer of the ball to players in their team who are between them and the area of ​​the opposing team standings. That is, any transfer of the ball to the goal is foul play.

But there are some nuances, because the pass forward does not necessarily indicate foul.

Game forward is not considered if:

  • movement of the ball towards the goal occurred at the moment of impact on the subject and lock the part of the opposing team;
  • if the ball hit the ground and as a result of the rebound hit the goal.

In addition to violations of the rules can be attributed situation when the ball was lost to rebound ahead, there was a punch or object bounced directly by hand.

Rugby - it's ... history, rules, modernity

There are several ways of advancing the ball into the opponents' set-off zone. For example, a player can independently pass the ball itself, sufficient for it to hit the ball with their feet. The same goal can take and teammate if he was just behind passer player. But the most important thing to get to the end zone with the ball in his hands and moving forward. Therefore rugby - a sport for physically stable people.


Refereeing rugby match involved the main referee with two assistants. At professional matches broadcasted on television, there videoreferi that can communicate with a gaming referee via radio.

Just as in football, rugby matches on the judge awards the teams red and yellow cards for certain violations. Yellow card means temporary removal of a player, and the red - complete.

Interesting Facts

As mentioned above, the name the sport received through the English town of Rugby. In this town in 1823 he held football match, in which William Ellis took the ball in his hands and ran towards the goal, which is considered a violation.

Rugby - a game quite traumatic. Murray Halberg (New Zealand player) one was injured during the game.

Male and female rugby does not tolerate the faint of heart people, so players do not feel fear and excitement before the game.

Rugby - it's ... history, rules, modernity

33 years ago the first Rugby Football Union for Women was established. The beautiful half of humanity, even won the right to perform at the Olympic Games in the sport in 1991. Also worth noting is that the rugby first appeared at the Olympics in 1900. Now the game was seriously addicted to more than 5 million people around the world.