Julia Berezikova - face female fighting

Berezikova Julia Alexandrovna - known Russian MMA fighter. In the fourth place the best fighters among women. Was a team with such great fighters as Fedor Emelianenko, Andrei Semenov, Roman Zentsov and Aleksander Emelianenko. Not once in the MMA won and became the first woman from Russia, which was released to the world stage. Julia Berezikova took place not only as an MMA fighter, but also as a political and social activist and actress. Many recognize her face female fighting MMA in Russia. Successfully participates in the arena since 2006.


Julia from birth was an energetic and restless girl. As a child, she once fought with his sister Oksana. Their father was born in a large family and tried to provide everything needed his two girls. Unlike his sister, who was fond of dancing and was more docile girl, Julia Berezikova fond of cycling, football, water sports. When she went to school, then I became interested in martial arts (kickboxing, judo, karate), and sports clubs changed constantly. Over time, all of its sporting passions have evolved from conventional active pastime in the professional activity. But she did not forget about his studies, and in 2006, when she was 23, she had time to finish SZGS (Northwest Public Service), specialty - "Social work".

Moving to St. Petersburg

By her own admission she got in accidentally professionals: as a child she was a friend of a friend who liked karate, but since she was embarrassed, then Berezikova Julia volunteered to go to the section with it and sign up for training. Since then, the girlfriend left the martial arts, and Julia left, decided to change the form of martial arts and moved to the judo section, she attended the sixth through 11th grades.

Julia Berezikova - face female fighting

In the late 90's sister Oksana decided to move to St. Petersburg, and it turns out to be a fateful decision, because Peter in the 90s was a kind of center for mixed martial arts. But in those days women were engaged in this "bloody" sport, it was not, and Julia decides to become the first representative of a female in a male sport. Clubs mixed martial visited many now famous fighters such as Alexey Oleinik and Fedor Emelianenko. I joined them and Julia Berezikova (photo in the article).

The first fights and the subsequent success of

In 2004, finally to the joy of 21-year-old Julia took her first fight, it ended in her favor on the 55 seconds of the first round. She spent the submission move on arm samboist Ksenia Shubina, which subsequently decided to withdraw from the sport. Over the next two years, Julia is actively practiced and went to fight in 2006 against another Xenia Taku won again, having spent a first-round rear naked choke. Her career went up, thanks to the constant victories, she was invited to the Red Devil team. The composition of the team was as follows:

  • Fedor Emelianenko;
  • Roman Zentsov;
  • Arman Garbaryan;
  • Omar Suloev;
  • Michael Hare;
  • Kirill Sidelnikov;
  • Mikhail Malyutin;
  • Vladimir Zenin.

She always traveled with them as a full fighter squad to the training camp in Kislovodsk, and Chita.

Julia Berezikova - face female fighting

One of the most important fights Julia Berezikova held in the same in 2006, when the organizers decided to hold an international Russian mini-tournament - USA. She ran her match against Tara LaRosa and, unfortunately, lost. All in all, apart from the defeat of Tara, Julia held 14 fights and lost three more battle: Jonne Yedzheychik, Rosi Sexton, Julie Kedzie.

She decided not to limit myself and began to actively engage in other fights. She also made great strides in Thai boxing, kickboxing, sambo and kung fu. By 2015, she was a multiple champion of Russia in Thai boxing, she had to fight against the world champion Mary Malenik she brilliantly won.

social and political activity

She has an active civil position and in order to express it creates movement "Antimaydan" that is intended to, conflicting "Evromaydanu".

Julia Berezikova - face female fighting

Charitable Foundation "Moscow Charity Reserve" decides to organize a movement "Guys from our yard" and invited him to take part in Julia. She, along with other activists equips yards, holds competitions and activities to improve children interest in the sport. Actively performs at concerts to people interested in martial arts. She is a supporter of the idea that children's sport should be free of charge. She herself often free master classes not only in the Moscow region, but also on the sports fields of other regions of Russia.

Julia Berezikova: personal life

In 2014 in Kazan, she said that if it wins the battle to "Tatneft-arena", that will marry within a year. And she kept her promise - married a man who has no relation to mixed martial arts.

Julia Berezikova - face female fighting

Julia Berezikova also active in films and serials. She plays mostly narrow-profile characters like assassins and killers. It can be seen as an actress in the TV series "Sea Devils-2", and as a stuntman in the "casting-4" and "Retiree 1, 2".