Alexander Kokorin (footballer): biography and football career

Alexander Kokorin - one of the most famous Russian players at the moment. A few years ago it was considered almost the most talented domestic players, but with time everything changed radically. Footballer Kokorin, whose biography is rather ambiguous, and now became known not only as an athlete but also as media persons. And do not say that it went in his favor.

Early career

Kokorin was born March 19, 1991. He was born in a small Russian town Valuek located in Belgorod region. Since childhood, the boy began to get involved in football. Important role in this played the father - thanks to him Kokorin-born footballer.

In 2002, eleven-year Alexander joined the youth academy of the Moscow "Locomotive". The next six years, Alexander Kokorin (footballer had already filed a great hope) spent in the "railroad" the club system.

Interestingly, the two years before this Kokorin held view in the other big Moscow club - "Spartacus", but admitted to the academy he was not because the club could not afford the young player housing.

Alexander Kokorin (footballer): biography and football career

Alexander admitted that life in the capital was not easy at first. Parents can not always visit her son, so they had a lot to learn on their own, such as cooking and washing. Alexander Kokorin - footballer, who from the beginning showed his best side. He regularly and successfully played at all youth teams, as well as it has repeatedly recognized the best sports schools in Moscow striker in the championship.


Impressive performances by Alexander did not go unnoticed. Now he took aim scouts another Moscow club - "Dynamo", which at that time actively monitored young talents both in the capital and beyond. There and went Kokorin - footballer at that time already noticeable. He showed himself very well on view, and then signed a three-year contract with "Dinamo". During his transition "Locomotive" received 300 thousand rubles compensation.

Basically, the "Dynamo" Kokorin appeared fairly soon became one of the youngest Premier League debutants. The first goal of his professional career, Alexander has issued a minor - when he was just 17 years and 199 days. It happened in 2008 in a match with the "Saturn" from Ramenskoye - team, which has long been in the Russian football does not exist.

Alexander Kokorin (footballer): biography and football career

In the following three seasons Kokorin strengthened its position in the Moscow club. First he became a strong player in the rotation, and in season 2011/2012 won a place at the base, playing the position of left winger.

Club "Dynamo" did not want to part with the player, and so in February 2011, the athlete extend the agreement with the Muscovites in the 3, 5 years. And it extends, as it turned out, not in vain. A year later, Kokorin - football player with almost celebrity status. Together with the "Dynamo" He speaks quite clearly in the Europa League (the second most important European club tournament), scoring the Scottish "Dundee United" and once grandee of German football, "Stuttgart".


In 2013, Kokorin said management "Dynamo" that would change the club residence and go to the "Anji". Makhachkala, possessed at that time serious money (owner of the club was a billionaire Suleiman Kerimov), laid out for Kokorin 19 million euros. FC "Dynamo", by itself, such a proposal has not given up.

However, in the "Anji" Kokorin did not play. At first, he was seriously injured and went to Germany for treatment, and then to the Makhachkala club replaced the board, and all the high-priced players had to let go.

Returning to the "Dinamo"

Club, bought the rights to the player, once again became the Moscow "Dynamo". After returning Kokorin scored a hat-trick of his career in the first game with "growth".

2015 turned out for the "Dynamo" heavy: the team has dropped sharply funding. The club was not able to (as well as "Anji" two years earlier) contain expensive players. Among them was and Kokorin. In winter 2016, he moved to St. Petersburg.

Alexander Kokorin (footballer): biography and football career


After the transition to the "Zenith" Kokorin's career went into a prolonged peak. Having played for the St. Petersburg club year, Alexander in the Russian league has scored only five times (it was a poor indicator for the attacker). Salary is it by the standards of the Premier League was the highest - 3, 5 million euros per year.

The Russian national team

For the main team of the country Kokorin debuted back in 2011 in a match against Greece. He was also a member of two European Championships (2012, 2016) and the World Cup in Brazil (2014), which scored one of two goals in the tournament team (the match against Algeria).

Alexander Kokorin (footballer): biography and football career

After a disastrous for Russia Euro 2016 Kokorin has provoked a barrage of criticism. All the fault was the incident at the Monte Carlo, where he and his team-mate Pavel Mamaev participated in riotous party, which in the context of the performances of the team was more like a feast during the plague.


Many sports fans are interested in who's wife Kokorin (footballer)? Now the striker is in a relationship with singer Daria Valitova known by his stage name Amelie.