Haircut cascade with bangs on long hair (photo)

Changing the hairstyle and hair color - is one way that a change in their appearance, look at themselves in a different way. Sometimes these changes for the better. A new hairstyle is the first step change in wardrobe, style, makeup. Positive changes can relate to personal and professional life. Cascade with bangs on long hair - a beautiful and popular hairstyle. It is universal and suitable for any length curls.


Cascade - the favorite celebrity hairstyle. Its simplicity, lightness and ease of application make it possible to handle even the most unruly strands. Hair comb round brush fast enough to give a shock of hair volume and well-groomed appearance. Hairstyle starts from the top and passes through the hair. Its peculiarity is that after the haircut is impossible to braid plaits and make bundles. For some it may be a disadvantage, but it is the specificity of the cascade. Impressive look at the ragged hair straightening or stranded strands. If you want to know what it looks like this hairstyle, look photo haircut on long hair. Cascade, bangs look in tandem beautiful and unusual. Often this cut can be seen in women with thin, but thick hair. Her love for fast installation. Haircut suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age.

Haircut cascade with bangs on long hair (photo)

hairstyles advantage is that it makes your hair extra volume, lightness, airiness, eliminates the need to make complex installation. On thin hair haircut creates the effect of the shocks and density. Cascade suit owners of a narrow, round, oval, elongated face. With it easy to hide flaws and highlight the merits. In addition, the hair is decorated with a cascade of long, thick hair, it gives them a healthy look. A lot of variations of the cascade allows a woman to choose the perfect option.

To fit?

Cascade with bangs on long hair fits any type of person, but with certain nuances. Women with round faces professionals recommend doing haircut straight or slanting bangs. Not recommended combed back hair. The proportions of the perfect oval face, so the ladies with this type, you can choose any hairstyle. Ladies with a rectangular face is better to forget about slicked back hair and a short haircut. Cascade with soft waves, volume and naturalness - great!

Haircut cascade with bangs on long hair (photo)

Soften triangular face will just cascade. It adds volume to hair, hides the forehead bangs, makes a visually harmonious proportions of the face. Emphasize good looks triangular face easily cascaded with long curls or quads. A square face is corrected by making the stage with asymmetrical lines, smooth waves, side parting. Avoid hairstyles that highlight your face shape: slicked hair, short hair. Women with curly hair and the nature of thick hair is better not to do the cascade. In this case, the hair will not look structured.

The choice of hairstyles

Choosing a hairstyle, including cascade, consider your face shape, hair texture, color, proportions of the body, personal preference and advice barber. Cascade with bangs on long hair - a unique hairstyle. It can be done even to owners of fine hair lacking volume. When choosing a hairstyle take into consideration the hair texture (soft, silky, hard, thin, curly, unruly), own style. Learn how to emphasize the dignity and hide shortcomings with the help of hair. For example, large eyes can emphasize the thick bangs, and long neck - short hair. If you do not know what hairstyle to choose, ask for advice from the master.

Haircut cascade with bangs on long hair (photo)

Types cascades

The peculiarity is that this hairstyle has many varieties. It received its name due to the stepped haircut, wavy head of hair design. All kinds of cascades give the hair volume, lightness, ease, docility. Do you want to focus on the long tresses? Be sure to choose the stage! Hairstyle came into fashion in the 70-ies of XX century, it did on the hair of medium length. Glamor, freedom and simplicity, the ability to wear her hair loose - the main advantages of the cascade.

Today, hair is short, medium and long hair. Multilevel haircut simplifies installation. There are three main ways haircut cascade: flat, tapering tips of the scissors and the creation of ragged strands of a straight razor. Cascade with a long fringe and adjusts the shape of facial features and hair is considered sexy. Bangs closes his eyes, making them the focus. This type of cascade owners of any suitable length curls.

Haircut cascade with bangs on long hair (photo)

Cascade with arch bangs looks spectacular, if the tips of the strands carefully thinned. Grooming is very feminine, beautifully frames the face, smoothes sharp cheekbones, visually narrow the person making it more elegant and comely. Cascade with oblique bangs long hair looks good and gentle. Ideal for women with a round face. haircut option with French bang for those women who love flat and smooth bangs to the middle of the forehead. Effectively looks a cascade of short hair. It balances the proportions of the face, highlights the eyebrows, cheek bones, hides a high forehead. Not suitable haircut chubby ladies. Cascade without a bang - a safe bet if you want to experiment with their own appearance and image. Haircut make medium and long hair, effectively framing the control locks the face. Hairstyle looks good on straight or slightly wavy curls. Hairstyle underline feature hair give the image of sexuality and romance.

In the long hair

Cascade of long hair with straight bangs - the perfect hairstyle for women. Mowing is incredibly popular among actresses. Due to such a cascade of hair look well groomed and healthy. Her Sobienie that length remains the same, only appears graduation, ladder or effect are adjusted strands. Stack easily cascade: tighten up the circular comb curls outwardly or inwardly. If the hair is quite thick, and features are correct, you can choose a frozen cascade. He suggests the same length of hair with ragged ends. Cascade for long hair can be classic asymmetric, torn, two-level, graded, with or without a fringe. If you want, you can collect the hair into a low ponytail, leaving a strand of a person freely around her face.

Haircut cascade with bangs on long hair (photo)

On average

Cascade with long bangs for medium hair gives good looks and romantic image. With such a hairstyle is created volume, lightness, the effect of density, stacks curls. The average length of hair - the most popular. It is convenient and beautiful. Cascade with a hairstyle looks great. Excellent haircut looks thin hair. It gives the naturalness and ease. Most often, the average length of the ladder implies, jagged haircuts. Laying can be done if tighten up on the tips of hair curlers or hair iron. In this case it is necessary to emphasize the volume and put the tips of the strands. It looks perfect stage on light hair. wheat shade, dark chocolate, highlighting underlined hairstyle, make it more attractive and original.


Hairstyle cascade of long hair with bangs requires a lot of time for styling. To make it possible with the help of special tools and fixtures. If the cascade is made on short hair, curl the tips on the rollers or tongs. To give the hair volume nacheshite little hair on top. Girls with a cascade and a bang on the middle and long hair stylists advise to put curls inwards.

Owners of a narrow face hair should be curled outward. It visually extends the face. Ladies with heavy chin locks need to tighten up inside. Do you want to put beautiful cascade with bangs on long hair? You will need a round hairbrush and hair dryers. Comb should be done from top to tip, drying their hair dryer so as to give volume.

Haircut cascade with bangs on long hair (photo)

If you want straight hair, divide them into a plurality of strands and straighten alternating each curling or utjuzhkom. Hairspray and Foam consolidate good hairstyle. But do not often use chemicals. This damages hair.


Do you dream of making a cascade of long hair with bangs? Photos of hairstyles will help you understand how it looks. Many hairdressers advise women to a similar haircut. Cascade beautifully frames the face hides the flaws and emphasizes dignity. Thick straight bangs is ideal to owners of large broad forehead, adjust the facial features of the structure. Bangs gives softness profile. In addition, it is able to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. Not worth it to do if a small person, and forehead - low. Short bangs to her eyebrows gives the face a puppet, and oblique - softens facial features.

Haircut cascade with bangs on long hair (photo)


Haircut cascade of long hair with bangs - beautiful and elegant hair style. To maintain a healthy-looking hair, need special care. Besides the use of shampoos, masks, oils, hair requires timely haircut. Long hair can dub every six or eight weeks, short - often. This is to prevent split ends and thinning hair. If your hair is long, but damaged, it makes sense to make a short cut. Hair should be washed every other day to keep them clean and beautiful appearance.