Aleksandr Ryazantsev: professional hockey player

Aleksandr Ryazantsev - professional hockey player who is a player in the Russian team. During his long career, the defender changed a lot of clubs. He always showed a high level of play. It has a large army of fans.

Start athletic career

Aleksandr Ryazantsev was born in Moscow on March 15, 1980. As a child, his parents took the young Alexander in the children's hockey school "Spartacus." He began to act quite quickly for the reserves of "Spartacus." This Moscow hockey club made its debut in the Russian Super League. But then it was difficult to play with experienced athletes the most powerful Russian league.

Aleksandr Ryazantsev at the 1998 NHL Draft pick in the sixth round, was selected the club, "Colorado Avalanche". After this event, he decided to go overseas. Ryazantsev six years spent in various North American leagues. He started with the Quebec junior league, and after playing in the AHL. That is the path it took many NHL stars. But Ryazantsev in the strongest league of the world and not played. He was not given a chance to prove himself.

Aleksandr Ryazantsev: professional hockey player

A career in the Russian Hockey League

In 2003, the defender returned to Russia and signed a contract with the club "Lokomotiv". There he played for two years. Aleksandr Ryazantsev was unhappy with playing time, which he received in the Yaroslavl team. Then in 2005 he moved to the season, "Dinamo". Together with this team, he won the European Cup. His next season the defender started in St Petersburg "SKA". However, in the course of the season it traded in "Vanguard". But he did not finish until the end of the season in the Omsk club. The club announced his dismissal from the club, and he went to play for "Hero". Then Alexander Ryazantsev (hockey) was on the preseason Nizhny Novgorod "Torpedo". But upon completion he left the club. 2010-2011 season began in the "Motorist". For this club, he played 35 games, and then was traded to Ufa "Salavat Yulaev".

Aleksandr Ryazantsev: professional hockey player

Continued career

Ryazantsev joined the Ufa club in the middle of the championship. He did not have time to play with partners. But everything turned out well. This hockey player with the new club won the Gagarin Cup. At the end of the season, Alexander moved to "Tractor" club. In this command, it quickly became the leader of the defense. KHL hockey experts in November 2011, called him the best defender of the month. In the same year Ryazantsev set a record among the defenders, scoring in 7 consecutive matches. In 2012, the hockey player was invited to a match of league stars. There he broke the record for the power of the throw. Season 2012-2013 Alexander completely spent "Severstal". And in the summer he was a player, "Spartacus." In his native club, Alexander did not stay long. In September, the defender was traded in the "Dynamo". In 2014 he moved to Nizhnekamsk, but was traded to the team from Khabarovsk in October this year.

Aleksandr Ryazantsev: professional hockey player

International career

Ryazantsev has a wealth of experience of playing at international level. He was called to the national teams of all ages. For the first time in the Russian national team shirt he left at the Junior World Championships in 1999. He played in the tournament six games and scored 4 points. This statistic is very decent defender. According to the results of the championship our team won the bronze medal.

The following year, the defender took part in the Youth World Cup. Our team confidently beat all rivals and become champion. repeat last year's success with Alexander could not be with the team in 2000.

Russian team lost in the final of the Czech national team and won the silver medal. For the first team at the World Championships, Alexander played in 2005. He spent nine games and gave three assists. Our team defeated Team Canada in the semifinals and won the bronze medal.

Aleksandr Ryazantsev: professional hockey player

athlete Family

Alexander is married and has a daughter. Family photo Aleksandr Ryazantsev always takes along on trips. His wife and daughter have to move regularly with Alexander. After all, he is for his career, changed a lot of teams. The family understands that Alex loves hockey and frequent travel is quite normal for professional sports. They strongly support him in difficult times.

Alexander Ryazantsev wife often comes to home games. She, along with hockey parents has been on the podium when Alexander Jablonski hit from behind. This player spent many professional fights in the ring. After hitting Ryazantsev got weak concussion. He had to miss the next game. But everything turned out very well, because he could be injured seriously and leave the ice for a long time.

Now Alexander has a rest from regular games. Therefore, the wife and daughter are very pleased that he can spend more time with them.

Ryazantsev built a great career, winning teams with serious tournaments. At the moment, the counsel for 36 years and he has the status of a free agent. Perhaps Alexander Ryazantsev shortly announce the end of his long career, and switch to an administrative position.