Football coach Viktor Goncharenko: biography

Goncharenko Viktor Mikhailovich - formerly known Belarusian footballer, today - the head coach of the Moscow "CSKA".

Player and severe trauma Career

Viktor Goncharenko playing career began in 1995 in Belarus. He played 3 seasons in the local championship, but football has gained fame by going into the champion of the country, "BATE". Career talented defender is growing rapidly, but at age 25 he was forced to complete the speech after a trivial injury sustained in training. Doctors diagnosed Victor ligament rupture. Damage was serious and incompatible with the ability to play football.

Football coach Viktor Goncharenko: biography

Viktor Goncharenko - Coach BATE

Former defender became the youngest coach in the post-Soviet space. Youth team of the club from Borisov, he headed the age of 27. Later, a young specialist received a license category Pro and head coach of his native "BATE" began in 2007.

In 2008, Viktor Goncharenko became the youngest manager takes his team to the Champions League. The group of the players from Borisov got the strongest European teams ( "Juventus", "Real" and "Zenith"). Team Victor Goncharenko could not only provide decent resistance to more eminent opponents, but took away points from all members of the Quartet. From the group in the year predictably out Spanish and Italian teams, but success "BATE" and his head coach was marked in Belarus at the highest level. Goncharenko became the coach of the year at home, and took the highest place among the 17 best club coaches in the world by the International Federation of Football Statistics. The next season, the team from Borisov was left without Champions League, instead went to the Bulgarian "Litex". However, the credibility of their own students was so great that on the resignation could not be considered. Especially because in the domestic championship, "Bate" is still dominated their rivals.

Football coach Viktor Goncharenko: biography

Rumors and Reality

Belarusian specialists successes could not go unnoticed, and in the press more often to be found these headlines: "Viktor Goncharenko - Kuban coach", "Goncharenko - the main contender for the coaching chair CSKA", "Goncharenko and the Carpathians signed a preliminary agreement" and so on. .

However, despite rumors Goncharenko and then he went on to lead the Belarusian team, and in 2010 made her a new sensation. For the first time in its history, "BATE" overcame the group stage of the most prestigious European tournament and reached the 1/16 final. Fate has not been kind to continue and Belarusians as an opponent in the playoffs has prepared them French "PSG". It should be noted that the next round of Parisians went only through outbound goal. The following year, "BATE" was back in the Champions League group stage. Opponents of the Belarusian team became a regular at the prestigious tournament and the leaders of European football, "Barcelona", "Milan" and Czech champion "Victoria". During coaching Viktor Goncharenko "BATE" I had time to try, and in the Europa League, where he managed to overcome the group stage.

Football coach Viktor Goncharenko: biography

In Russia,

The first club in the Russian stage coaching career began Krasnodar "Kuban". Viktor Goncharenko and created a small miracle here, moving the eternal middle peasants of the Premier League to fifth place (the gap from second place, giving the right to be classified in the Champions League, was just one point). Against this background, it looked very strange decision by the leadership of "Kuban" to send a coach to resign with the wording "not sufficient rigidly communicates with the players in the team."

Football coach Viktor Goncharenko: biography

Viktor Goncharenko, CSKA Slutsky

Transit through the "Ural" specialist eventually ended up in Moscow "CSKA". In the camp, "army", he was under the protection of the head coach, Leonid Slutsky, was to be his assistant. After the 2015-2016 season champion Viktor Goncharenko has decided once again to do their own coaching and led the "Ufa". Under the leadership of the Belarusian club coach he showed a confident game in the championship and in the National Cup.

Since December 2016, Viktor Goncharenko - CSKA coach. The Moscow team, he returned just six months after the departure in connection with the resignation of Leonid Slutsky.