Miami is the most miserable city in the US

Miami is the most miserable city in the US

The list of "most miserable cities in the United States", published by the Forbes American magazine, headed by the city of Miami.

According to the compilers of the rating, Miami is the "paradise" is only at first glance. In fact, the city is experiencing an acute housing crisis, and the level of crime there - one of the highest in the United States.

"Miami has traditionally been associated with beaches and good weather, but the people in this city are not so happy. One percent of its residents living seems a fairy tale, but the others have a hard time. And the gap between rich and poor in recent years has become deeper, "- said Forbes editor Kurt badenhausen.

In second place in the ranking was "automobile capital" of the United States Detroit (Michigan), which is the most criminal city in the country. The top three hit, and another city of this state - Flint. It is also considered one of the most criminogenic in the United States. The top ten most miserable cities in the US also includes West Palm Beach (Florida), Sacramento (California), Chicago (Illinois), Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Toledo (Ohio), Rockford (Illinois) and Warren (Michigan).

The rankings take into account factors such as unemployment and crime, the cost of real estate, the number of evictions of citizens from their homes because of mortgage debt, and even the climate, duration of trips to work and the level of corruption.

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