In the UK snowdrop bulb sold for record sum

In the UK snowdrop bulb sold for record sum

In the UK online auction site eBay for a record sum of rare snowdrop bulb, whose flowers have yellow blotches was sold.

The bulb was sold for 725 pounds (873 euros), writes The Daily Telegraph.

According to the seller snowdrop, Ian Christie, he was stunned when he was able to sell the plant in such a large sum.

Snowdrop with yellow patches was first seen ten years ago in the garden in Perthshire County. Presumably, the yellow part of the plant appeared as a result of genetic mutations or "awakening" of a recessive gene. The plant, named Elizabeth Harrison, was officially recognized by the Royal Horticultural Society about four years ago. The previous record value of snowdrop bulb was installed in 2011. Then the plant went under the hammer for £ 350 (408 euros at the then exchange rate). Snowdrop, bought in 2011, was also a rare instance - its flowers was no green specks, which are most of the other snowdrops.

Collecting snowdrops or galantofiliya, a very common hobby among Britons. Many fans of snowdrops bulbs are willing to pay for hundreds of pounds.

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