Computer for $ 35 on sale

Computer for $ 35 on sale

Started selling compact computer Raspberry Pi, reports BBC News. The price of the unit is 22 pounds sterling, or approximately $ 35.

Computer represents the size of a credit card charge. It is sold without housing, without a monitor, no mouse and no keyboard. Electricity is powered via the microUSB port.

Raspberry Pi uses 700-megahertz processor on the ARM architecture. 35-dollar model has 256 megabytes of RAM, two USB ports and HDMI and Ethernet connectors. The computer runs on Linux.

Later in sale of 25-dollar model with 128 megabytes of memory and the USB-port one.

Project Raspberry Pi - is not the first attempt to create a cheap compact computer. Among similar projects may be mentioned 89-dollar device BeagleBoard based on Texas Instruments processor and 60-dollar MiniEMBWiFi on MIPS processor. In size to the Raspberry Pi can compete announced at the exhibition MWC 2012 computer Cotton Candy - its dimensions are comparable to the size of the flash drive. Cotton Candy, however, is worth $ 199.

The creators of Raspberry Pi position the computer as a device designed to teach children programming. However, the unit has been decided to make publicly available and not limited solely to supplies to school.

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