10 facts about the most common nightmares

10 facts about the most common nightmares

Nightmares are part of dreaming. At that time, as our pleasant dreams are caused most often dreams and desires, nightmares - are manifestations of the other senses, such as stress and anxiety.

The nightmares, as in ordinary dreams, everything visible is symbolic, so what we see in them, should never be interpreted literally. If it is so to interpret them, you may miss an important signal that, you may want to give your subconscious.

1. You dream, if you are lost or that are trapped

10 facts about the most common nightmares

Unlike most nightmares, represented in this list, this dream is very simple in terms of analysis. or a sense of being lost in a dream of being in the trap indicates similar feelings experienced by a person in real life, in a certain situation. Someone makes you do something against your will? Do you think that exhausted all possible solutions to the problem, but can you just confused?

Understand that this dream is a direct warning about the presence of internal problems, so it should be an impetus for action, before it is too late. Otherwise, you can start to dream of following in the list of nightmares.

2. You dream, if you fall or drowning

10 facts about the most common nightmares

You would think that the head torn from the problems? Or maybe you feel the pressure on himself to any task or responsibility. These disturbing feelings can turn into a nightmare, in which you'll fall or sink. Dreams orbiting endless fall or drowning demonstrate our domestic concerns an issue. Emotions that they cause can range from loss of control to delight. Your specific reaction in this nightmare, most likely, is a mirror of your reactions to certain circumstances in reality. It's also a great opportunity to take part in a lucid dream. If you realize that you dream it, you can resolve the problem of the fall, realizing that it is only a dream, and you can control it yourself. Instead of having to drown or fall off or swim. In the end, this is your dream, and in it you can do anything you want.

3. You break your computer or the phone stops working

10 facts about the most common nightmares

You call someone in his sleep and hear the endless beeps expectations? Maybe the hard drive of your computer is out of order at the time you write an important document? Although, of course, these dreams can and is not classified as nightmares, however, for some people, damage the computer's hard disk is equivalent to a car breakdown.

If you dream of any fault of technology, especially communication, it may mean that you will not be able to reach someone on an emotional level. You lost touch with a good friend? A wall can be formed between you and your loved one? If you dream of something like this very often, take the time to analyze their relationship and identify areas that need "fixing."

4. You naked or dressed inappropriately, thus, are in a public place

10 facts about the most common nightmares

This dream has consistently been one of the most common nightmares, who dreams of people of all ages. This kind of dreams, as a rule, serve as a reliable measurement of the human self. In this case the function of clothes - a concealment that allows to hide things about yourself that you do not want to know more. If you are "comfortable naked" in your dream, then you are safe in matters of obvious displays of your feelings, and you have nothing to hide. If you feel confused, being naked, this assumes your vulnerability, the presence of guilt or shame, at the same time, if you do not pay any attention to his nakedness, it could mean a lack of self-consciousness.

If you're hiding something from others or are afraid that people will bite you, be prepared for the fact that such an "erotic nightmare" will visit you.

5. The natural cataclysm or catastrophe, made by human hands

10 facts about the most common nightmares

Regardless of whether you dream about it, or do you feel it is in reality, there in the midst of a natural disaster - a terrible experience. Such disturbing dreams always essential in its meaning, and nightmares about the disaster say a lot about the current state of a person.

Usually, dreams - crash signal the impending disaster in real life. Perhaps you have thoughts that you can not cope with any problem, so you are lost in a large amount of debris left after a natural disaster in your sleep. If you dream of something like this, you think about what you are currently overwhelmed and try to rationally solve the problem.

6. Do not take the test or can not solve the problem

10 facts about the most common nightmares

Even if you have long forgotten what the training schedule, training abstracts and the quadratic formula, you still from time to time can dream dreams about the failure of an exam or something similar. Subconscious anxiety about not passing an important exam - it is a common dream, in this case, the assessment that you get for it is exciting to exponential. If you fail the exam, it describes your thoughts about how you deserve those things which have in life. If you could go back and get an estimate for all of your past actions, were you satisfied with the result? If your answer is - yes, but in a dream on the exam you will feel that you unjustly underestimated the assessment, then this is your dream reflects your rejection of what you have achieved.

7. Loss or damage to your home or other property

10 facts about the most common nightmares

If you only dream of your house, do not panic, seeing a dream. This is quite normal sleep. When the house appear in dreams, they symbolize the man himself. Front of the house speaks about your evaluation of others, and the interior - of your inner self.

If your home is damaged or possession in a dream, perhaps it reflects your inner feelings about breakage. The same was said and theft of property, and loss, that is, it reflects the tumultuous feelings about themselves. If you lose something important from your home or something stolen, you probably feel that you can be cheated or feel that something of value for you is threatened.

8. Problems with the car

10 facts about the most common nightmares

Have problems with the car - it's a horrible experience, but if you encounter a dream with such troubles, in real life it could mean something more serious than just a looming oil change or tire. Vehicles in a dream represent the physical form of man, but they can carry and emotional burden. As well as in the dreams of home, vehicle appearance may be your perception of the external world, and what is under the hood - it's your inner feelings. Perhaps you are managing remarkably beautiful car, and suddenly find that the inside of a mess, and it does not work properly. This situation can be transferred to your feelings to yourself. Sometimes in dreams with the "participation" of the car, you're sitting behind the wheel, heading straight for disaster, it may be the feeling of helplessness or lack of control.

9. Suffering from an injury, illness or death

10 facts about the most common nightmares

Dreams of presence you have a serious illness or of your death can bring you a lot of stress. However, do not worry. Although death during sleep can be very painful, in fact it can mean any change or new beginning. Death can also mean the end of any life stage and the beginning of the next.

But not all the dreams of the death of so positive. In some cases, the dreams in which you are injured, become ill with something or die can mean emotional pain or the fear of getting hurt. If you dream a loved one gets sick or dies, it is likely to suggest that part of you that you see in this man is lost or dies. Also, your death in a dream may indicate that you are no longer able to withstand their own situation, and you need to ask for help or advice from others.

10. You from someone running away or have someone attacks

10 facts about the most common nightmares

Another omnipresent nightmare that often haunts many people. Scenery or attack you can change the form, but if you dream of something like this, it is a signal of our body to the fact that he was "ready to meet danger face to face" or "give doru". Such a reaction is primary to the human body, it is always necessary to choose when faced with danger and fear. Sigmund Freud characterized such dreams as "something that dream a man who is in trouble." This concern may be associated with anything as serious problems, and with some small change. Because of these fears are translated into phantom pursuit, the actions you are taking to avoid danger, talk about how you react to them in real life.

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