The Brazilian police have taken the service Batman

The Brazilian police have taken the service Batman

Brazilian police authorities came up with an interesting way to maintain order - the police have taken the service of Batman.

In a superhero costume and mask agreed to don a retired soldier André Luiz Pinheiro, who will terrify the drug in the suburbs of major cities, are traditionally considered to be the most criminogenic regions of Brazil.

Batman will also participate in police raids and investigation of serious crimes, such as murder.

Local residents welcomed the initiative of the authorities apprehended. They believe that the superhero will help to return to their lives the values ​​that have been lost. Earlier, Warner Brothers announced that the film The Dark Knight Rises will be the last film about Batman.

The trailer for the new film set a record views on iTunes, after the first 24 hours of its release, we watched a total of 12, 5 million times.

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