Are there any coincidence in life?

Are there any coincidence in life?

Of course, you can wave your hands and deny the existence of a match in a human life. In this case, take these facts for granted - they are still not harmed anyone.

You know what the first words said to Neil Armstrong on the moon in 1969? No, "Greetings from the Moon, Earthlings!" And "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky!". It turns out, as a child a future astronaut overheard the neighbors, where Mrs. Gorski reproached her husband: "Most neighborhood idiot walked on the moon than you can satisfy me in bed!".

Year 1848. Nikifor Nikitin dreamer fly to the moon, for seditious speech "of heavenly body" sent into exile in the distant village of Baikonur. Who would have thought that this is where the rocket will be sent into space!

Incredible coincidence took place even during TV viewing. For example, an English family watched the movie "Titanic" on TV. At the time of the ship's collision with an iceberg roof of the house kicked the giant ice meteorite - a rare phenomenon for the Earth. A similar case occurred in Scotland when the roof fell theater balloon with passengers. While in the cinema just showed the film "Around the World in 80 days" ... Perhaps the most extraordinary coincidence, no, three times a coincidence occurred off the coast of Wales. Three times in a row there were sinking ships, but the difference between the crashes was no less than a hundred years. Every once in a living remained a man with the same first and last name, Hugh Williams.

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