10 unknown facts about Madonna

10 unknown facts about Madonna

1. Maria Luisa Ciccone, future pop queen, was the third child of eight children in a family of French Canadian Madonna Louise Fortin and Italian Silvio Ciccone. And the name of Louise, and her pseudonym got the girl from her mother. Father of Madonna as a child called his favorite eldest daughter "little Noni".

2. In their own school Rochester Adams High School Madonna was not the best student, so in the 19 years she had to drop out. But teachers remember their pupils well and are still happy to talk about how she was doing well in the dance class and in the school drama group.

3. In the early '80s Madonna has longed to be a singer, but first mastered specialty drummer. She played the drums in the composition of an unknown band Breakfast Club, had an affair with guitarist Dan Gilroy and performed with him in the shabby little clubs in New York.

4. His first role in a movie Madonna played in 1979 in the film "The specific victim". Her character by the name of Bruno - the inhabitant of one of the criminal blocks of New York, who lives with transvestite and is suffering from its distortions. Becoming a famous singer regretted her first kinoopyte and even tried to court to ban the film to be shown on the pretext of an abundance of explicit scenes of violence, but it has lost. And the film's director Stephen Lewicki is now enthusiastically tells reporters that a future star in tears, begging him this role and received for it only $ 100.

10 unknown facts about Madonna

5. Madonna was supposed to play the role of Rachel Marin beloved hero Kevin Costner, in the famous melodrama "The Bodyguard", but the director of the film, Mick Jackson made a choice in favor of another famous singer - Whitney Houston.

6. According to the singer's brother Christopher, in cooking Madonna not really succeeded. Christopher said that the only thing she can cook in the kitchen - it's rice cakes. Christopher debunks another popular myth about his sister - the story of how she had come to conquer New York with $ 35 in his pocket. He argues that at the time, Madonna has had several contracts and decent girl for provincial royalties.

7. Pledge of its success - eccentricity. In 1989, after the release of the video for the song "Like A Prayer", where Madonna sings on a background of burning crosses, it was officially cursed by the Vatican and the Pope personally. For this reason, the company Pepsi broke with it the most profitable at the time the advertising contract. The result was not long in coming - the song "Like A Prayer" was the best-selling music and stayed on the top lines of the charts for a long time record

8. Madonna does not suffer from lack of self-esteem. When reporters asked her to comment on her charity work in Africa, where it helps children, the singer said: "I want to be like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, but to stay alive."

10 unknown facts about Madonna

9. Madonna managed for a time to retrain in the designer. Singer established its nominal collection for Swedish brand H & M for American Gap in cooperation with the mission Elliott. According to rumors, the experience of creating clothes Madonna remained dissatisfied and decided not to return to it.

10. Madonna's name is listed in the Guinness Book of Records: there she was named the most successful female singer of all time. Her condition today totals $ 400 million, which is honestly earned after selling 200 million copies of their albums worldwide. For 25-year career, she has released 64 hit that entered the English hits UK Top 40.

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