75% of women will meet with unemployed men

75% of women will meet with unemployed men

Losing your job can not only deliver a crushing blow to all your career advancement, but also cause irreparable damage to your personal life, according to a new study by the dating website.

The vast majority of women stated that they would not meet with a man who is unemployed. However, only one-third of men said that would be met with unemployed women.

Overall, 75 percent of women claimed that they are unlikely to be met with a man who does not have work, and about 33 percent openly said "no." The remaining 42 percent said "maybe" when asked about the possibility of meeting with unemployed men. However, this answer was given to the woman the condition that they do not want to spend too much time in a relationship, if men do not have a backup plan. And only 21 percent of women agreed to meet with unemployed men, but they wanted to know what will the man, until he finds a job.

Women themselves, however, insist that their feelings are not only based on money. Rather, as the participants stated they are interested to meet with someone who is engaged in some activity. They believed that the work is a useful activity for men.

75% of women will meet with unemployed men

"Lack of work, of course, complicate the search for men women with whom they do not know", - he explained the expert Lakota Irene (Irene LaCota), who led the study. "It's one of those rare areas in comparison with other subjects in respect of which the survey was conducted, where women kept traditional ideas about gender roles."

On the other hand, the prospect of love with unemployed women did not present any problems for almost two-thirds of men. In fact, 19 percent of men said that they had no reservations about it, and 46 percent of men will gladly meet with unemployed women.

In addition, women tend not directly deny the man, after he learned that he was living on savings. They do not say "I'm not going out with you because you do not work." Usually, they go on a first date. But do not expect them to call you back.