IKEA founder of business rules

IKEA founder of business rules

Ingvar Kamprad error, dreams, and constant desire to improve something.

Family - is a company, and the company - it is a family.

Unfortunately, I had a lot of defeats. Very sad that the first few failures taught me. On the contrary, I kept stepping on the same rake. Father often told me: "Ingvar, you are too trusting. None of you will not leave. "

The most effective method - own example.

I think, without failure you will not be able to achieve the goal.

I still remember the pleasant feeling that is experienced, having received its first profit. At that time I was no more than five years.

IKEA founder of business rules

The fear of making mistakes - the root of bureaucracy and the enemy of development.

Keep conquered, but to look for new opportunities.

Sentimentality and the ease with which I have a tear, are still traits of my character.

What is good for our customers, it is ultimately good for us.

This is a problem of leadership and curse - men always think of themselves. Even if you invite them to talk, then subconsciously choose those from whom you can hear certain things. And then the conversation did not get completely honest and objective.

Improving the quality of life - this means get rid of the status and conventions, to become more free people. We want our name associated with this approach.

I'm still proud that I can milk a cow and mow the grass.

IKEA founder of business rules

I still have the habit of always asking when making a purchase, if I can not receive your goods a bit cheaper.

I'm still very pleased to do business. But even more pleasure I feel when I have new ideas, and I manage to convince others that these ideas can be implemented. The demon inside me says that he still had so much to do ... I'm never satisfied. Something tells me that I have made today need to improve tomorrow.

I have not been able to learn not to trust people. But today I say: do not rely on a handshake. All contracts are concluded only in writing.

If you will win the sympathy of the people, you will not be able to sell them anything.

IKEA founder of business rules

The problems of opening up new opportunities

Long ago, I learned one old rule: reduce sales by 1% leads to a reduction in income by 10%.

Awareness of the costs at all levels is for us almost maniacal passion. Each crown, which can be saved, must be saved.

I was most worried about what we can calm down, stop there.

Our company has its immutable principles. One of them is the fact that we never pay bribes.

It is better to be a little stingy than throwing money.

IKEA founder of business rules

I am already 76 years old, do I need to get inside my coffin was laid out thousand-dollar bills?

I have no taste. I would not be able to beat his own room.

Not mistaken only one who sleeps.

My most daring dream - that one day a woman came to the leadership.

With my authority, I can talk any nonsense, and I have no one to stop it.