Valentino Rossi: Biography and Career

Valentino Rossi - a professional motorcycle racer. He was 9-times world champion. Ace became a road-racing circuit. Since 2001, he won consecutive 5 world class 250cc championships. Entire career performed under the "46" number.


Biography Valentino Rossi starts from the date of his birth. Born motorcycle racer next February 16, 1979 in Italy, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino (Tavullia). Valentino's father, Graziano, has been a professional motorcycle racer, constantly participated in the world championships, he won three times in 1979 in the 250cc class. In 1990, the accident occurred, after which the father of Russia is no longer able to engage in motorcycle racing.

The first victory in karting

But his love for motorcycling embodied in the son. Valentino's childhood was keenly interested in "iron horses". But my mother was very worried about his safety, so the boy first took up karting less dangerous. It was a good alternative to the motorcycle. In 1990, at age 10, a teenager involved in karting competitions, which won its first victory. At the same time, and I learned to ride a motorcycle. A year later, he became the winner of several regional competitions.

Valentino Rossi: Biography and Career

Go on motorcycles

Over time, Valentino bored minibike. Wanted more adrenaline, he wanted to ride on a powerful machine. This happened in 1993. First motorcycle Valentino Rossi - Italian model Cagiva Mito, on which the rider for the first time took part in the new competition for him. To finish Rossi came ninth.

the MotoGP World Championship

For the first time Valentino took part in the MotoGP World Championship in the 125cc category in 1996. In one season, Rossi has repeatedly visited the accident, but was the winner of the Czech Grand Prix. The first and most difficult season in the 250cc class race was for Valentino 1998. He took only second place, but in 1999 he climbed the world title.

In the Honda team

In 2000, Russia began to participate in motorcycle racing 500s, with the Honda team. Valentino managed to win only after 9 races. This season was preparatory for further gains. In 2001. Valentino Rossi became the champion in the 500s category. The title was given to the Italian rider to win in eleven races.

Valentino Rossi: Biography and Career

the Yamaha

In 2003, a contract with the Honda team was due to expire. Took advantage of the Italian company Ducati, Valentino tried to recruit. But the conditions are not interested in racing. He chose the company Yamaha, since the contract was profitable financially. Many rivals Valentino Rossi was confident that he would not be able to take the title. In response, the driver showed his talent once again in 2004, winning 9 races of the season.

Nicknames Rossi

Russia has a lot of nicknames. Rossifumi - the very first. It was given in honor of Norifumi Abe. The second nickname - Valentinik, a variation on Papernik hero comics. Then Rossi called the Doctor. This nickname was given to the rider of the poise and composure.

The symbols and superstitions Rossi

The main character, who used the Valentino outfit were the moon and sun. Helmet design for his career Rossi changed repeatedly. Nevertheless, they always present the motives of these heavenly bodies. Valentino, there are a few superstitions.

Valentino Rossi: Biography and Career

Before you sit behind the wheel of a motorcycle, the driver stops a few meters from his "iron horse". Then he bows from the waist. When it comes to the motorcycle back to back, then tilts his head and squats. Before the race craps costume, standing directly on your bike.

Life rider

Despite the fact that the main passion of an athlete - it's the race, Valentino Rossi interests and the fair sex. But his personal life on display, he does not like to stand. About relationships with women driver no one is divided. If you believe the information that has recently appeared in the media, interested riders Linda Morselli, Italian model. But if this information is correct, and it remains unclear. Valentino does not comment on them.

Valentino Rossi: Biography and Career

Records and achievements Rossi

In 2008, the number of victories Rossi reached Ángel Nieto. Valentino was on a motorcycle drove opponent by making a circle of honor. In August 2008, Rossi equaled the achievement with Giacomo Agostini, scoring 68 victories. A little later, he added another, and it was a new record. In 2009, the number of wins has reached hundreds.

Valentino Rossi - the only motorcycle racer, who won a prize in the competition of different manufacturers. He has won seven times in the Italian Grand Prix. In a career only Valentino able to score 5000 points. And he's the only one who managed to win the race when the start began with the eleventh position.