Dominik Hasek: biography, sports career

Dominik Hasek is legendary Czech goalkeeper, who in his long career as a hockey scored a large number of victories. Thanks to his work and natural talent, he won numerous team and individual trophies.

Getting hockey career

Dominik Hasek was born January 29, 1965 in the city of Pardubice. His parents divorced when Dominique was 2 years old. After that, his mother married John Hasek. Stepfather Dominica strongly supported in his endeavors. It is thanks to him afterwards Dominik Hasek became legendary goalkeeper. The boy often played with his stepfather at home with a stick and a ball. Then my grandfather led the young Hasek to play professional local team.

In 1971, parents were taken to a children's hockey school. At that time, Dominic was only 6 years old. He was enrolled in the team for the 9 year old boys, as they urgently needed a goalkeeper. Since Hasek daily engaged loved hockey, not presenting themselves in any other case. Studied future hockey star in an ordinary secondary school, where she studied Russian language. Then another Hasek hardly imagined that he would play in the future of hockey in Russia.

Dominik Hasek: biography, sports career

Professional career

Dominik Hasek began his professional career at age 16 in the local team "Pardubice". Thus, he became the youngest goalkeeper to debut at the professional level. In his first season, the goalkeeper played 12 matches. He missed an average of about 3 goals per match. Already next year the young Hasek became the main goalkeeper hometown club. For the club "Pardubice" in total he played for 8 seasons. As a part of this club Hasek twice became the champion of the Czech championship. In 1990, the career of the goalkeeper was interrupted in his native club. He was taken into the army. There's Dominik Hasek (goalkeeper) played for the club "Dukla" from the city of Jihlava. At the end of the season he finally had the opportunity to play in the NHL, and he immediately left.

Dominik Hasek: biography, sports career

A career in the NHL

Hockey player Dominik Hasek always dreamed of playing in the NHL. But while not everyone had the chance. Some talented players were not allowed power. In 1983 it drafted the goalkeeper Club "Chicago Blackhawks". But he could come to play only in 1990 due to the change in the political situation in the country.

Most of the first season overseas Hasek spent for the second team of "Chicago Blackhawks". Only at the end of the regular season, he played 5 games as a basis. The following year, Dominic began again to play for the second team, "Indianapolis Ice". But it has become much more likely to admit to the basis. In the 1991-1992 season he played 20 games already. In January 1992, the first time a goalkeeper has not missed a single puck in a game against the team, "Toronto Maple Lifz". At the end of the season the club from Chicago to make an exchange, in which instead of the Dominica team came Stephane Beauregard.

Dominik Hasek: biography, sports career

for the performance of the team

In the club "Buffalo Sabers' Dominik Hasek was waiting for a serious struggle for a place in the composition of such famous goalkeeper Tom Draper and Grant Fuhr. Only after injury Für young Hasek have more confidence in the team. Dominique proved that it corresponds to the goalies NHL. This player has made a great contribution to the success of the team in Buffalo. Following the tournament, he was awarded a number of individual awards. In total, the 1993-1994 season he spent on the field of 58 matches. This keeper was the highest reliability rate in the league. After this season, Hasek has established itself as one of the most reliable goalkeepers in the league.

Dominik Hasek: biography, sports career

The conflict with the head coach

In the season 1996-1997 Dominik Hasek began to arise conflicts with the head coach of the club "Buffalo Sabers" Ted Nollanom. The game playoff series player is injured and left the gate. Club doctors, examined the goalkeeper, declared the coach and the club that Dominique will miss the next game. At that moment, Ted Nolan, like many fans of the club, decided that Hasek just so avenges coach. After the story on emotions Dominic had a fight with a journalist. For this he was punished by 3-game diskalifikatsiey and paid 10,000 fine.

At the end of the season, Ted Nolan was fired from the club, despite the fact that he was considered the best league coach. Fans were disappointed by the resignation of the coach and loved all over the accused Dominik Hasek. Despite this, the hockey player continued successful performance, setting a club record for the number of clean sheets.

In 2001, Dominic left the "Buffalo" and went to the team "Detroid Red Wings." His last season Hasek spent in Moscow "Spartak". For the season, he has defended seven dry games, but in playoff series the team flew in the first round. In 2012, this great goaltender announced the end of his career.

Dominik Hasek: biography, sports career

International career

His first match for the international team of Dominik Hasek spent 18 years of age. Rival Czech team was the team of Sweden. The Czech team lost the match with the score 2: 3. But despite this, the young Hasek recognized as the best player of the match. In 1983 he took part in his first World Cup. In total in the world championship, he played five times, three times the goalkeeper took part in the Canada Cup and four times - in the Olympics. In 1998, the Czech Republic national team in the final of the national team beat Russia and became the Olympic champion. Dominik Hasek was voted the best goalkeeper of the tournament.


Dominik Hasek, whose biography has developed very well, he is married and has two children. He is free from hockey while trying as much time to spend with family.

Hockey player Dominik Hasek, whose biography is outstanding, has already completed his professional career. The goalkeeper was voted the best Czech athlete of the 20th century.