10 most expensive cats

10 most expensive cats

In January, former President of Finland Tarja Halonen received a gift from a living, Dmitry Medvedev, recognizing that both cats Halonen traveled to another world, Medvedev decided to present her new pet. Selection of the current prime minister fell on the kitten of the same breed as his favorite Dorofei - "Neva Masquerade". Depending on the class and pedigree kittens cost of this breed usually ranges from $ 200 to $ 700 - a lot, but for the market sale of pets is not the limit. Before you 10 of the most expensive breeds.

1. Savannah

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 4000-20 000Cavanna is considered the largest and most expensive breed of cats, when in the mid-1980s in sale kittens with an unusual mottled color, their price is significantly higher than the level of $ 20 000. The inventors wanted to eradicate hybrid fashion on the use of cheetahs and leopards as pets. On avid exotic rich we were able to get a pet that looks like a wild animal, but does not require complex care. However, to avoid interference with the course of evolution breeders savannah failed: the breed is a cross between a normal cat and the African serval, which accounted aggressively wooing each other. The result is worth it: the height of an adult savanna reaches half a meter, weight - 15 kg.

2. Khao Mani

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 1500-2500

Cats breed Cao Mani, whose lineage dates back several centuries to come from Siam, where the snow-white beauties allowed to start only to members of noble families. In history there are cases where a person who dared to steal Cao Mani, were sentenced to death. Equally harsh punishment is understandable: it was believed that cats this species attract material wealth. Even today, some Thai businessmen as pets choose exactly Cao Mani. Guarantor attributed magical properties of the rock is part of its mention in the "book of poems about cats" - an ancient manuscript, which states that the white cat with glowing eyes fill the house with happiness and money.

3. Cat Elf

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 1300-3000

Even those who have not read the trilogy "Lord of the Rings" and is not familiar with the detailed specifications referred to in her people, the film adaptation of Tolkien elves taught to perceive as the embodiment of beauty. Cats breed of the same name, on the other hand, produce a feeling of revulsion at the expense of broadly defined folded ears. Breeding chetyrehlapyh elves began only in 2007. After the death of a loved Sphinx American Karen Nelson set out to create a hybrid that will differ unusual appearance and good health. Said - done: bald cat crossed with a representative of the breed American Curl, Karen received the animal, as if descended from the pages of fantasy novel. It is unclear, however, on whose side would have fought it - good or evil.

4. Bengal

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 1100- $ 4000

Bengal cats breed comes from the Asian leopard cat. In the middle of last century, this wild animal because of its beautiful silky skin was ill-extermination. Young poachers sold naive tourists, among whom was a resident of Arizona Gin Mill. The kitten, named in honor of Malaysia's historical homeland, felt uncomfortable in the new place. To help adapt her favorite, the owner introduced her to the most common domestic cat. In a couple of offspring appeared, looking at that, Miss Mill decided to try his hand in the field of genetics. Experiment to create a new breed lasted decades and was completed only in 1987, when the public saw the first Bengal cat.

5. Toyger

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 1000- $ 5000

Many cat lovers secretly envious of the zoo workers who have the ability to communicate on a daily basis with the largest representatives of the family: lions, panthers, tigers. Toyger breed breeding - another way a little to console those who want to touch the world of wild animals. Toyger or toy tigers are as easy to guess, expressed striped color. According to breeders, breed standard has not yet been worked out completely: they expect that later in their pets will be rounded ears. The idea of ​​creation belongs Toyger American Judy Saja, who wanted not only to capitalize on avid cat owner, but also a microcosm to preserve for posterity the image of a tiger - in the event that these animals will become extinct in the future.

6. Burmilla

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 800- $ 4,000

In the early 1980s, at the estate of Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg real love drama played out with the participation of the cat and the cat Sankvista Faberge. The first was the Persian chinchilla, the second is Burmese. In the mating period the animals were kept in separate rooms, but one day one of the servants had forgotten to close the door and thus allowed Sankvistu Faberge and start defaming their relationship. The Baroness was furious, and her heart could not melt even the sight of newborn kittens. Soon, however, it became clear that a new, randomly bred breed looks very attractive silver fur animals looked like ermine skins. Hybrid, without further ado, called Burmilla and Sankvist and Faberge began to enjoy great honor.

7. The tailless Manx

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 750- $ 2700

How tailless cats were on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea is not known: the next of kin of the beast - Japanese and Kuril Bobtail - live on the other side of the world. Tradition says that the cat was the last animal was caught on Noah's Ark, where the Old Testament patriarch accidentally tucked her tail door. Mad with pain, the cat ran into the water and miraculously reached land shred, who later became Albion. There is also belief that the Celts cut off the tails of cats and attached to the garment as a mascot. Taking pity on Manx Murko, nature deprived of their body, due to which the poor are suffering. Common sense also dictates that, most likely, the cats were brought to the island explorers.

8. Peterbald

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 700-3500

The most successful experiences in the field of the invention of new breeds usually put the Americans. However, with domestic breeders also have significant achievements: it is in Russia was deduced Petersburg bald cat or Peterbald, which is now very popular in the West. Other nude brothers it features a flexible, slender body, long tail and elongated snout. Contrary to stereotypes, hairless cats are not "hypoallergenic": the reaction can cause not only hair, but also, for example, the saliva of the animal. But the love and devotion among peterbald - more than enough: rock fans jokingly say that cats have lost their fur, when in the cold winter decided to sacrifice his own comfort in order to heat the host.

9. laperm

10 most expensive cats

Cost: $ 500-4500

Progenitor of the breed laperm was born in 1982 on the farm of Richard and Linda Kehl in The Dalles, Oregon. Frail kitten's body was completely bald, and the owners have decided that the baby will have to keep in the house, away from the more adapted to life counterparts. However, only a few weeks later the animal has acquired a thick curly hair - even curled mustache. An unusual kind of curly cats was the result of natural mutation, but the Americans here have found a mystical background. Kehl family land located in an area where previously inhabited Indian tribes worshiped the goddess forever waking Tsagaglalal, and many deities carved on the stones portrait was found in the vicinity, resembling a cat's face.

10. The Turkish Van

Price: $ 400-1500

Image Van cat was chosen as the symbol of the campaign in support of Turkey's EU membership. This is explained not only by the fact that the animal whose wild ancestors lived in the vicinity of Lake Van, lived in many European families. Cats breed van mentioned in the legends associated with the key figures in the history of the Turkish state and the Muslim world as a whole. It is believed, for example, that Mu'izz, home favorite of the Prophet Mohammed, had eyes of different colors - like most Van cats. Some claim that Mohammad himself was different heterochromia. If you believe another legend, the first president of the Turkish Republic Kemal said that the strength of his inheritance to pass on to someone bite raznoglazy cat.