Maxi Lopez charismatic Argentine footballer

Not so much the players, "Barcelona" transition play Russian clubs. Therefore, the arrival of the Argentine striker in the location of the FC "Moskva" in 2007 caused a huge stir on the part of fans and experts. However, clearly manifested itself in the first season, Maxi Lopez, football is certainly talented, lost in the future. After his departure from Russia of it was almost forgotten, but he is still playing at a high level in the Italian Serie A.

From the "Rivera" in "Barcelona"

Argentine land has always been rich in football talent. The trouble Maxi Lopez was the fact that he is part of the "golden" generation that are Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguerre. Against the background of a physically powerful, pretty skilful striker ram type, yet obviously lost. However, Maxi Lopez pronounced at home - from 2001 to 2005 played for one of the top teams in Argentina, "River Plate", and became one of the team leaders.

striker successes have not gone unnoticed in Europe. In 2005, Maxi Lopez got the chance to prove themselves in one of the best clubs in the world - "Barcelona". Just then I injured one of the attackers - Henrik Larsson, and he needed a quality replacement.

Maxi Lopez charismatic Argentine footballer

However, the Argentinian is largely not fit into the style of team play.

Maxi Lopez was physically powerful striker, preferring to lead a power struggle. While the game of "Barcelona" was based on ball control and dependent on the small but skilful and quick players. Nevertheless, he was able to carry out its task of attacking, leaving the replacement. So, he scored one of the goals of "Barcelona" against the "Chelsea" in the play-off match in 2005. As part of the Catalan club's Maxi Lopez has become a double champion Spain won the Champions League.

The Argentine "Muscovite"

Now extinct, FC "Moscow" in the second half of the two-thousand years had serious financial capabilities and could acquire serious players. In 2007, the capital club has laid out two million euros for the striker Maxi Lopez. He immediately caught on to the new team. Athletic, football power inherent in the Russian championship, came the powerful Argentine could not be better.

Maxi Lopez charismatic Argentine footballer

For the remaining nine games of the season, he managed to chop six balls in the goal.

However, next year the case of Maxi Lopez did not go so well. Injuries, competition from other Argentine Hector Bracamonte, led to the fact that he lost his place in the team. In 2009, he returned to his native continent and began to play for the Brazilian "Gremio", where, after scoring 12 goals in 25 games, again a taste for the game.

Italian period

In 2010, Maxi Lopez got another opportunity to try his hand in a strong European championship. Signing a four-year contract with the "skating", he began to play in the Italian Serie A. He failed to gain a foothold in the club and become a team player base. This period was a succession of infinite leases to various Italian clubs. The only significant among them was the "Milan", during which he scored only one goal.

His team, he found only in 2015. The forward, who was already past thirty, became a player modest "Torino", for which he stands still. Most importantly, Maxi Lopez again began to score and perform the main task of the attacker.

The Latin American passion

On the personal life of the Argentine can shoot a full television series full of dramatic events. Maxi Lopez - football player whose wife left him for his colleague and compatriot Mauro Icardi. This was preceded by the story of betrayal to their own children's governess. At the same time she has accused her employer of sexual harassment. The wife of Maxi Lopez - temperamental Wanda Nara could not tolerate such humiliation and divorced her unfaithful husband. Soon after, she began to meet with Argentine footballer Mauro Icardi, who, like Maxi Lopez, played in the Italian Serie A.

Forward not forgive this compatriot and pointedly did not lodge his hands before the matches of their teams.

Maxi Lopez charismatic Argentine footballer

Argentine footballer has already crossed the threshold of thirty years, which becomes critical for any striker, but continues to play for the Italian club and regularly score goals in the allotted time.