Philippe Coutinho - player of football club "Liverpool"

Philippe Coutinho is a professional footballer who currently plays the "Liverpool" in the English club. This club is considered one of the most popular in the world. It also stands for the Brazilian national team in international competitions.

Early career

Philippe Coutinho was born on June 12, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. He, like many other boys from Brazil, a child has always played football. Over time, he decided that it would be his lifework. Philip started in the club's football school "Vasco da Gama". Then this player started playing for the first team. Over 19 games conducted Coutinho scored 1 goal. He spoke on the position of attacking midfielder. At home appreciated that player. His talent was noted by many football experts. This footballer was seen by many breeders of top clubs in Europe.

Philippe Coutinho - player of football club

Moving to Europe

Italian "Inter" gained Philippe Coutinho back in 2008, paying 3, 8 million dollars. But FIFA's laws of Italy and serve up to 18 years, this football player in Italy could not. So he on loan began performing in the Brazilian championship. 3 days after the 18th anniversary of the Philippe joined the Italian team. And in 19 years he became a team regular. After the debut of the match all the fans of the team began to closely monitor this player. His technique, which is characterized by players from Brazil, allowed him to easily beat one or two count. His first goal he scored against "Fiorentina" with a penalty kick in 2011. Nevertheless, the Italian club to open up completely Coutinho could not.

Philippe Coutinho - player of football club

A career in England

January 30, 2013 Philippe Coutinho signed a contract with the club, "Liverpool". The amount of transfer of the Brazilian attacker was about 10 million pounds. In the first season of the player mastered the English club. But over time, he became its real leader. In the season 2014/2015 Philippe was named the best player, "Liverpool" and is included in the symbolic team of the league.

Philippe Coutinho - player of football club

appearances for the national team

For the first time for Brazil Coutinho played in the world championship to 17 years, which was held in South America. Following the tournament the midfielder has played 5 matches and scored 3 goals. Coutinho for the first team debut in 2010.

Brazil's national team won the game with a score of 3: 0. Then Philip was invited to the national team under 20 to participate in the World Cup, which took place in Colombia. In the second game against Austria, he scored from the penalty spot. And in the next game the player has scored 2 goals in the national team of Panama gate. At the next World Championship among the players under 20 years Coutinho, together with the national team won the gold medal. After that Philip for a long time has not been called to the national team of Brazil, which is going through hard times. Only in 2016 that a player has played for the national team at the "America's Cup". In the game against Haiti, he scored 3 goals.


Philippe Coutinho whose photo constantly during matches there have cheerleaders "Liverpool", married a girl Aina. This young family brings the baby. The couple rarely appear in front of cameras and at social events.

At the moment, Philippe Coutinho, the injury which spoiled his current season 2016/2017, continues to play for the team, "Liverpool". This player is very popular at the club. Fans strongly support him in difficult moments.