Biography Russian commentator Alexander Elagin

Elagin, Alexander (Masalov) - well-known Russian sports commentator, working at the moment on the channel "TV Game". He was a stage actor and played several undistinguished roles in obscure films. In 2004 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. He writes a popular sports channel on YouTube.

Let us consider in detail the biography of a famous football commentator Alexander Elagin.


The boy was born in 1953 in the Russian capital. He studied at the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. After graduation, he began working at the Russian enterprise "Goznak".

Biography Russian commentator Alexander Elagin

acting career

At 22, Alexander began his acting career as a performer of roles in the theater. Under the guidance of well-known theater director Roman Viktyuk guy played the leading role. In the television drama "My friend Mozart" Alexander played the main character. After six years he moved to the studio of Mark Rozovsky, where he played a key role in the play "Triptych".

Subsequently Masalov decided to leave the theater because of the small salary, and devoted himself entirely to the activities of the commentary.

The first steps in the career of

In the early '90s Masalov worked at the radio station "Echo of Moscow", where he wrote advertising. His main work at the time was the 2x2 TV channel. In 1997 Masalov moved on REN-TV channel, where he worked until 2003 as a master of several sports programs. Sports commentator Alexander Elagin also worked on REN-TV, lighting matches of the English Premier League as well as the national championship of Russia. Commentary debut at the site came to a football match in Super Cup in England. It was he who helped Alexander to gain a foothold as a football expert.

Biography Russian commentator Alexander Elagin

At the same time Masalov decided to end his acting career due to a lack of time and a small salary. As you know, at that time in theaters to pay a penny, which was difficult to get along. Also leaving the theater was provoked misunderstandings and disagreements with colleagues in the theater.

After six years on the REN-TV, Alexander moved to 7-TV channel. Occupation remains the same. Highlights Masalov exclusively on English football. Also, in addition to commenting matches, Alexander works in the "Football Chronicle" as a leading sports program.

On the TV channel 7-TV Masalov worked for six years. The reason for leaving was retraining channel entertainment topics. Little time was given time sports content, focusing on programs for a wide range of viewers.

Biography Russian commentator Alexander Elagin

After leaving the 7-TV Alexander took a sports channel "NTV-Plus". It Vasily Utkin, who is his close friend, invited Elagina to work there. The next six years he worked commentator on the channel.

The work on the "Match TV"

In 2015, it was created by well-known sports channel "TV Game". Because of this, "NTV-Plus" has been fully closed, and the staff commentary disbanded. Most experts decided to switch to other channels because of the strong influence and unpleasant atmosphere in the workplace. As a result, he left, and friend of Alexander, Vasily Utkin. Vladimir Stognienko also decided to switch to another channel. Just one year after the creation of "TV Game" Alexander was taken from the official state and transferred to the fee-basis. However, to leave a well-known commentator was not going to. Already in the next year due to the reduction of State Alexander fired.

Work on Eurosport

In 2016, due to the departure from the state of "Match TV" Alexander moved on Eurosport, which illuminates the football matches of the second division of English. A surprising aspect of the Yelagin became commentator activities in Championship matches. "Eurosport" was the only channel that was showing these matches.

Biography Russian commentator Alexander Elagin

information appeared in 2018, a football commentator Alexander Elagin returns to the "Match TV." It was soon confirmed by the channel.

To date, the Elagin back to the old channel "TV Game", where he works on a regular basis.

Create your own channel on the YouTube

Not so long ago, as an additional hobby and for profit A. Elagin created its own channel on YouTube, which is called the "British style with Alexander Yelagin". Thanks to its deep knowledge of English football commentator broadcasts on the latest topical news in the world of football. He also discusses with famous personalities and their own colleagues sports news. A special place is given to English football, to which Alexander emphasizes as well versed in it. To date, the channel was signed almost 40 thousand users. Thanks to the professionalism of the commentator and interesting presentation of the material the number of subscribers is growing rapidly. Alexander tries to combine work on television with work on their own YouTube project. However, after returning to the "Match TV", the new video on the channel began to appear much less frequently.

in the film

During his long life, Alexander played in all three films.

The first movie was "The Life and Unusual Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin" (1994), which played the role of Alexander Malakhov.

After 14 years in the film "Blessed" Elagin got the role of a lawyer.

And the last film role was in the film "We are declaring war on you" (2010).

Alexander constantly notices in an interview that the work in the theater brings him more joy than the part in the movies.

Biography Russian commentator Alexander Elagin

Interests and hobbies

At the beginning of the XX century Alexander published a book about the history of the European Championship in football. He is a fan of the Moscow "Dynamo". He is married and has children.