Revelation terminally ill patients: what they are sorry?

Revelation terminally ill patients: what they are sorry?

How often the awareness of something important in life comes too late. With this in mind, we can always benefit from the experience of others, which was referred to our edification.

So did some patients, coming up to the edge of his life, namely, they told of his main regrets:

1. Do not turn everything into a drama. Lament for any occasion can become a habit, and it does not make any sense. Do not get drunk with irritation about how bad was your day today.

2. Too much worry will not make your life better. Worry, especially about things that have not yet occurred, it is useless and meaningless.

3. Take time to establish more new contacts and maintain contacts. It is a good habit to build a career in the long run.

4. Do not cling to outdated attitudes, even if everything was okay. Sometimes people is not on the way to each other. Forced to continue the relationship, rather, it will bring more harm than good.

5. I regret that I was not able to finish what you started. Each new day gives us thousands of opportunities that should not be missed.

6. I'm sorry that I did not learn to cook well. Surprisingly, it often becomes an occasion to get together with family and friends.

7. I regret that I worked so hard. In doing so, we may miss the best moments in your life, or will be too loaded to really enjoy them. 8. I regret that I missed the opportunity to talk with their parents, before they passed away. It must be understood that parents are not always there, but their knowledge and experience can help in many ways.

9. Do not miss the chance to do volunteer work. There are many reasons to selflessly help others, especially when they need it.

10. defend its position. Even if other people do not agree with you, this is not a reason to give up their beliefs.

Revelation terminally ill patients: what they are sorry?

11. Not Taita offenses, especially those like the koto. It is better to let go of resentment, rather than dwell on them.

12. Do not be afraid to make decisions, or, eventually, you'll regret the useless time spent.

13. Do not change your dream for the sake of other people's desires. Be good for others - it is one thing, but do not sacrifice your happiness.

14. Do not worry too much about what other people think. When you get older, you start to realize that the opinions of others do not affect your true happiness.

15. I regret that I was afraid to utter the phrase "I love you." To love another person - a priceless gift, even if the love is not mutual.

16. I regret that I did not realize how much I pretty. There are many definitions of beauty, and you do not think are not worthy of anyone's attention.

17. I regret that I did not throw a hateful job. Of course, there had to work to support his family and pay the mortgage, but not every day feel miserable. 18. Do not allow to you to impose a model of behavior that society expects from you. You must decide what you will be, otherwise society will solve it for you.

19. I regret that I did not learn a foreign language. Probably, this could take years, but this ability can be very useful.

20. I regret that I never performed in public. Of course, this may not be your true calling, but an attempt to commit such at least once in a lifetime is an important life experience.

21. I regret that I was not grateful. Learn how to say thank you and appreciate the gratitude and you will notice how your life will improve.

22. Travel at every opportunity while you are young. The older you get, the harder it is to find time for it, because more and more people will depend on your presence.

23. Suppose that physical activity will be a priority for all. When you get older, you will understand how important it is to take care of your body's health.

24. Pay longer relatives and friends. We all come into this world for a limited number of years, do not take it for granted.