Vintage dresses: photos, prices

Vintage dresses, fashion imbued with the spirit of bygone decades, in our time become incredibly popular. Wealthy people are willing to pay good money for clothes that are considered to be ordinary in the 60s, those who have a limited budget, often buy so-called "fake" antique.

Moreover, the new collections of leading designers tell us that in the coming season will be the most popular use is vintage dresses. Photos of actresses and models of bygone years have inspired the talented designer, and we try to be inspired, to find out more about this new fashion trends.

What is the difference?

Many believe that the retro style - this is the same vintage. If a girl puts on a dress, a style which was popular in the 60s or 70s, in attire appropriate color and correctly matched accessories - it means "vintage". In fact, all this can be called a style, and his name - retro. But truly vintage dress - those are the things that were sewn in the old days. They can be worn by people, and it could also happen that the clothes lay in a warehouse and not Zaim host. She is special, mainly because it has lived more than today's young people, and has a special charm.

It is very important and the fact that vintage dresses made from fabrics that are now found impossible. They are sewn on other templates that more is not used in the production. Now it becomes clear why these clothes are so different from anything new, why it immediately catches the eye, and why it seems the price is unreasonably high.

Vintage dresses: photos, prices

Why bygone fashion began to come back?

Many people think that this is ridiculous. Perhaps this new whim of modern stars, or just another whim of fashion. But most of all, people who have to do with high fashion that create it, just tired of the new models, which often seem impersonal. This season, the inspiration for fashion designers such as Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Celine, and many others, were those most vintage dresses. Photos from the red carpet of stars that are defiled in dresses sewn in the middle of the twentieth century, or the same old issues of Vogue magazine were the impetus for this wave - is not known. But this year, the old ladies' toilets literally took the podium, however, most likely, very soon they will spread among the population.

Vintage dresses: photos, prices

Do you need clothes out of the trunk?

You set about trying to buy some vintage apparel, but that it is, in any color and style - not yet decided. Well, offer to begin to decide the case, for which you'll get this little thing. Of course, every day wear to work this outfit no one will, no matter how simple it may be - is able to only rare admirers of antiquity. In most cases, you need to choose a vintage evening dress in which you can show off in a secular society, or on a romantic date.

Before such a purchase, carefully inspect the product. It may be too shabby, there could be formed or worn seams disperse. Pay attention to the spots, because some of them you will not be able to withdraw. Well, the most important thing in any purchase - it's your size. As much as you may fall in love with an old outfit, if it you big or small, look at it, you'll be funny.

The most popular "vintage" era

Like it or not, and if it comes to the "clothes out of the trunk," we immediately imagine a retro style in all its glory. He is very well embodied in the famous film "Hipsters", describing the events of the 58 th year. Thanks to him, in Russia zaimeli most popular vintage dresses 50s, many of which are preserved in the wardrobe of our grandmothers, dandies. A characteristic feature of this decade is considered directly style "Princess" skirt the sun, or just with the assembly at the waist, the bodice of the dress is always narrow. The 50s also traced a riot of colors, pastel, now popular, the tone is not yet in vogue, so the women's dresses were bright and juicy, like flowers.

Vintage dresses: photos, prices

The most unusual vintage outfits

Another film that gave impetus to the new fashion in modern society - "The Great Gatsby". Here we have shown in full glory fashion 20s, women were dressed in incredibly beautiful toilets, which have long since got rid of corsets world recently, but already have a free cutting.

Thus, in the modern fashion is a long vintage dress that looks much more extravagant than the model of the "bell" and wear it only at the evening event. It is worth noting that the vintage clothing that has come to us from the 20s - a rarity. So be prepared for mind-boggling price.

Vintage dresses: photos, prices

Bride of the last

Wedding in retro style - that's where the find for themselves the most reasonable use of vintage wedding dresses! We can not say that the wedding dress of the last century - a rarity, but with full confidence we can say that they are not cheap. They can be bought in well-known fashion houses - many designers offer you a model that has not been sold at the right time, but after lying in a trunk for decades, have acquired much greater value.

It is important to remember that vintage wedding dresses are different in style. Choose, on the basis of age, in the style that you are planning a celebration. It can be perky 60 - then you will put on a dress-length midi bell, like Audrey Hepburn in the film "Funny Face". Popular now and bridal gowns 20s, which are characteristic form-fitting silhouette and long train. Surprisingly, lush and pompous outfits worn by the bride in the 80s and 90s, now also became known as "vintage." So you can just borrow her mother's wedding dress.

Vintage dresses: photos, prices

for the little princess

Over the years, children's fashion has changed significantly, the majority of those styles that were popular in, say, the 30s or 70s, are in demand now. Therefore directly vintage dresses for girls, as well as for adults, characterized by the fact that they were sewn long ago.

Of course, in such a garment will be fundamental differences from modern analogues. Firstly, it is the material and the quality of cut. No offense to the modern manufacturers, but in those years it was sewing at a higher level. Secondly, vintage dress is slightly frayed, as if it is printed the era to which it belongs. Well and thirdly, such clothes and even have a simple "baby" cut, but it is always characterized by non-standard accessories. They do not have lightning - just buckle on buttons, there are non-standard ruffles and lace always starched.

Vintage dresses: photos, prices

Where to buy?

Unfortunately, in our country yet very few stores that provide us with old clothes. Most often, we encounter only a modern dress in a retro style. But in Europe the situation is quite the opposite. Vintage dresses you can buy everything from design houses, where in one instance will have to pay a fortune, ending flea markets.

Vintage clothing more often put up for sale in London. It was in this city in recent years, people are used to carry things out of the trunk, so there are vintage in high esteem. These dresses are also sold in Paris, in Madrid and in some Italian cities. Additionally, we note that from the latest fashion in the old days is not far behind New York. Sometimes intact, sometimes a few years old restored dresses sold in this bustling and modern city.

Vintage dresses: photos, prices

Pricing Policy

We have already noted that in most cases vintage dresses - an expensive pleasure. To purchase model, the work itself is Coco Chanel, will have to pay more than a thousand have. e. Often the work of designers who are no longer with us, put up for auction, where they get new owners of inconceivably high prices.

Budget vintage outfits are often found on the European market. Then put up for sale the things that were simple people, they are not sewn by famous designers, and bought in simple inexpensive stores very very long time. Purchase dress can be, for example, for 50 euros, sometimes over 300, and there is also for 1000. It all depends on the safety of the product and on its quality. The value of such clothing is that it has its own history, its magic, its unique spirit. Buying it, just make sure the integrity of the product and the absence of spots.