Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear

Fashionistas around the world are looking for new ways to adjust their figures and try to present his body in an attractive light. For a long time the unique offer from designers and stylists is the A-line dress. This outfit is able to bring high-quality correction, which will make the appearance of a young woman more sexy and attractive.

Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear

A-line dresses - fashion trend unchanged for all time

Elegant and at the same time simple A-line dress has its origins in the 50s of the last century. The great couturier, who came up with tight top and dress extended downwards in the form of the letter A, was the legendary Christian Dior.

In those days ladies were forced to pace yourself diets to demonstrate the surrounding thin wasp waist. The new models from Dior women could safely breathe, because the dress hide the extra weight and visually lengthens the leg. Successful designer's idea picked up and continued by his pupil - Yves Saint Laurent. That since none Fashion Week can not be imagined without such elegant dresses.

Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear

A silhouette dresses: advantages and characteristics

The main feature of a cut is that the bodice emphasizes the beautiful chest, relieve th her skirt down and expanding smoothly. This allows you to hide absolutely any negative figure.

In such outfits are predominant model sleeveless and strapless. There are those variations that have "American" or open the back armhole. The hem of the dress are often decorated with frills, loops, ruffles or draping. With dresses with A-line, you can create a mysterious and stunning images. Most often, the bride choose a wedding dress, A-line which will transform the girl in a real princess. The decoration of this image will be expensive lace, which will give the bride elegance, lightness and airiness. This material is perfectly combined with soft brim. With the lace can decorate the whole outfit or parts thereof.

Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear


Due to its simplicity, ease and freedom of direct silhouette dress looks perfect with almost any shoe. It does not matter whether it is boots or slipony, pumps or sneakers, the image always looks cool and stylish. Spring onions for each day can be supplemented by the bomber, jacket, black leather jackets and trench coats - it all depends on your own preferences.

Fashion Colors

White. This is the white color is often associated with purity and tenderness. If a girl wants to be the owner of the romantic image, then this color will help create a unique touching and tender onions.

Many people say that white is able to visually add a few extra kilos, but the A-line is able to cover all the problem areas. You can be selected without any fear because of this dress in white.

When choosing an evening dress be sure to turn their attention to finish the dress. It can be presented as a detail Shining, shimmering fabrics, sequins or lace.

Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear

Black. This color is considered a classic that always looks mysterious, sexy and luxurious. Choosing outfit for a ceremony or celebration, many beauties give their preference to the black A-line dress, which hides all the flaws and allows you to look irresistible. There are those who believe black uninteresting and even mourning. However, all fixable, outfit can easily be diluted with vivid and interesting accessory.

Red. The red color makes its possessor more passionate, burning and sexual. Wearing a dress of that color, she will be a real queen of the evening, to which will be riveted the attention of all the guests. To look more restrained and modest, you can choose a dress trimmed with flounces and frills.

Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear

Who goes there?

Dress A-shaped silhouette is suitable for almost all women, regardless of their height, body structure and shape. Thanks to the lines of classic style easily hides all figure flaws and successfully portrayed all its advantages.

Such models dresses can safely choose the beautiful curvaceous. Smooth transition width of the dress from the hanger to the hips helps to hide the extra weight, stress the beautiful legs and make the figure more proportional. In great demand these outfits are among slender girls. Beauties of low growth look more slender and tall woman in a dress look even more elegant and refined.

Owners too skinny body as perfect dress a-line, trapezoidal pattern will visually increase the volume in the right places. Thanks to this trick the figure will be more seductive and sexy. Suppose, you can adjust the hips and hide problem areas in the waist and hip area.

Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear

It is often styles A-silhouette choose women who want to hide the non-ideal waist. Properly selected outfit can be worn even without a belt. Also similar outfits prefer pregnant women, is not it possible to hide the rounded tummy, while emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

With what to combine?

To image became memorable, special attention should be paid to the selection of suitable decorations. A silhouette dress-color can be diluted bright accessories. Necklace, pendant or bracelet will be a massive help you. For a harmonious combination with the dress on the floor is better to choose a thin chain with a small pendant, an elegant bracelet or a ring. Tenderness, lightness and romance image with a-line dress will add a pearl jewelry. If we talk about handbags, the choice can be stopped on stylish handbag, briefcase or bright clutch.

Dress like a cut perfectly with the high jackboots, or ballet flats. This tandem will add confidence to every woman. at steady heel shoes will make any image of a stylish. With the color of the shoe are determined, starting from the colors dresses, shoes can be selected to match the finish.

If you have difficulty in choosing outer garments, which is combined with the A-line dress, then feel free to choose a bolero, a short coat, coat or cardigan. A lover of the experiments can choose a leather black leather jackets.

Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear

Tips stylists

  • With the utmost care must be taken to the selection of suitable accessories. Creating the perfect image to dress A-line, it is necessary to give up a large amount of emphasis.
  • care must be taken to the selection of colors. Suppose, you can experiment and use a game of contrasts. However, the classic solution has not been canceled - white tandem with black always looks compelling. Beige tone is best to blend in with brown or red. A gray looks great in tandem with lilac and blue hues.
Style A-line. A-line dresses: who are suitable and what to wear

An interesting, varied and elegant woman can be by yourself for a dress a-line, photo, presented in the article, it is clearly demonstrated. The unique style of dress is always ready to surprise its practicality and freedom.