Raul Gonzalez: biography and photo player

Raul Gonzalez Blanco - Spanish former professional football player (striker). Acquired a universal global popularity in the Royal Spanish club "Real Madrid", who spoke for 16 years. Here he became the top scorer in the club's history, holding the title for several years, which is why the Spanish legend Raul called football. Three-time winner of the UEFA Champions League Cup (1998, 2000, 2002), a six-time champion of Spain (1995, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008). Raul Gonzalez confessed to five times the best player in the Spanish championship on numerous versions (several sports magazines, voting fans).

Prior to 2010, he was considered the best scorer of the Spanish national team football, which he defended the colors of the past 10 years, where he was captain. Raul is recognized as one of the best players of the last fifty years, entering the list of the top 100 players by FIFA.

Raul Gonzalez: biography and photo player

Raul Gonzalez: biography and the first steps in football

Raul was born on June 27, 1977 in the city of Madrid (capital of Spain). Raised in San Cristobal de los Angeles, which is located on the southern outskirts of Madrid. First introduction to football came when my father planted five year old boy with him to watch football on TV. Young Raoul impressed with exciting interest watched the game from the first minute dreaming of becoming a real football player.

The idea of ​​a small Raul has not aside - parents quickly enrolled him in a local football academy of the club, "San Cristobal". The talents of the young guys were once seen coaches, so it began to take on all the children's level of football competition, where Raul Gonzalez scored a crazy number of goals.

Professional beginnings in football

In 1990, Raul Gonzalez Blanco joined the ranks of the youth club "Atletico Madrid", where he began playing football at a higher level. In the Academy "mattress" Raul studied until 1992, after which he was invited to a famed school - the royal "Real Madrid". Here he played at various levels and competitions. The successes of the football coaches youngster began to conquer the "Real", so management decided to offer the guy a real professional contract with a fourth division team "Real Madrid C" that Raul happy to sign. Skills and bomb-quality gradually improved, so Raul Gonzalez quickly went on a football career in the Royal Club. Over the years, the Spanish striker hits the base of the "Real" and will debut in "La Liga".

Raul Gonzalez: biography and photo player

The legendary career in the "Real"

As mentioned above, a career in the Royal club Raul Gonzalez began in 1994, when he made his debut for the fourth-ranking team "Real Madrid C". The Spaniard immediately hit the base and took the place of the center forward in his team. In the first seven games, he managed to hit the opponent 13 times, which is quite amazing for a beginner. After this application was quickly transferred into the first team, because as the head coach Jorge Valdano interested in the young striker.

At 17 years and 124 days, Raul Gonzalez made his debut as a basis for the "Real". In November 1994, he scored his first goal for the "cream" of the gate of the former club, "Atletico Madrid". Proving all his professional football competence and solvency, Raul are increasingly began to appear in the starting lineup, "Galaktikos". In the season of the Spanish "La Liga" 1994/1995 Raul managed to score nine goals (in 24 games played them), and to give 7 assists. It is noteworthy that the young Spaniard has not received a single warning for the entire game season.

Achievements and wins

Raul Gonzalez: biography and photo player

Together with the "Real" Raul has won many cups and trophies. Beginning with 1997 and ending with the 2009 Raul Gonzalez won the following trophies: the Spanish championship "La Liga" - 6 times, the Spanish Super Cup - 4 times Champions League - 3 times, the UEFA Super Cup - 1 times, the Intercontinental Cup - 2 times. Total turns 16 cups - rather successful statistics, excluding the personal awards. During his career in the "Madrid" Raul has managed to become the first player in the history of football, who has scored 50 goals in the UEFA Champions League (held the record until 2012).

As Raúl González became the first player who managed to score in two finals of the Champions League: the gates of "Valencia" in 2000, and at the gate, "Bayer" in 2002. Later this feat was able to repeat a Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto'o, who scored the London "Arsenal" and "Manchester United" in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

In the entire 16-year career in the Royal club Raul Gonzalez has not received any red card, which is also, of course, can be attributed to the personal record of the Spaniard.

Dear young, or why Raul left the "cream"

In 2009, Raul was seriously injured, after a long time to recover to the previous form and high-quality game. Such state of affairs in the "Real", as a rule, are solved very simply - take and put another player on the problematic position, because it has never been at this club with personnel problems. From this we can conclude that Raul Gonzalez experienced firsthand this stage.

Raul Gonzalez: biography and photo player

In November 2009, in a match of the Spanish Cup Raul replaced by a young Cristiano Ronaldo, who in the same year was bought by the leadership of the "cream" for a record sum. This gesture is secretly meant to replace the legendary Raul came a new talent, which later was awarded the T-shirts with the game number "7". This is what happened, in 2010 the football player Raul Gonzalez leaves the royal club and goes to the German "Schalke 04".

Balance Career Raul Gonzalez after the departure of the "Real"

In 2010, Raul signed a contract for two years with the German club, "Schalke 04", which immediately takes place in an unconditional basis. In late September, he scored his debut goal against Mönchengladbach "Borussia". Speaking of the "miners", Raul became the main scorer of the Champions League for the history of football, scoring 69 th and 70 th goal, thus surpassing the result of legendary football player Gerd Miller. In the 2010/2011 season the German Raúl González (footballer photo below) also managed to arrange two hat-tricks in the gate, "Bremen" and "Cologne".

Raul Gonzalez: biography and photo player

In May 2012, a football player has signed a contract with Qatari club, "Al-Sadd", where he played for two years, until 2014, until he transferred to FC "New York Cosmos", where he retired at the end of the season 2013 / 2014.