Ilya Averbukh, figure skater: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Ilya Averbukh - known Soviet and Russian athlete. Multiple winner of competitions in figure skating ice dance discipline. After the completion of a professional career was engaged in business. Now he has his own ice show, in which he works as a producer.

Early in his career

Ilya Averbukh, figure skater: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Ilya Averbukh was born in Moscow in 1973. He studied at the Metropolitan State Academy of Physical Culture. I began to get involved in sports as a child. His first mentor was the deserved trainer of Russia Zhanna Gromova.

When he decided on its specialization in figure skating with him began to work two-time winner of the world championship in figure skating Linchuk Natalia and Gennady Karponosov.

His first partner was Marina Anisina, which later became the play for France.

Together with her Ilya Averbukh went to the first serious competition in his career - the world championship among juniors in 1990. They were held in the US Colorado Springs.

Soviet skaters dominated in ice dancing, taking the top two steps of the podium. Canadian pair Marie-France Dyubrel and Bruno Ivars won bronze. Second place at Elena and Sergey Kustarova Romashkina, Ilya Averbukh and Marina Anisina became winners.

Success Repetition

Ilya Averbukh, figure skater: biography, personal life, sports achievements

In 1991, at the Junior World Championships in Budapest, Hungarian Averbukh and Anisina were unsuccessful, finishing only fourth place. They bypassed Soviet pair Kustarova and Romachkin (they have this time bronze), the French Marina Morel and her partner Gwendal Peizerat, who won silver. I won another pair of skaters from the Soviet Union and Aliki Stergiadu Yuri roam. But in 1992 at the Junior World Cup in Canada and Hull Averbukh Anisina we were back at the top of Mount Olympus. The dances they had no equal on the ice. The second again became Soviet pair skaters - this time Yaroslav Nechaev, Yuri Chesnichenko, bronze for the hosts - Amelie Dion and Alexander Elaine.

Love Life

Ilya Averbukh, figure skater: biography, personal life, sports achievements

In 1992, Averbukh career there have been dramatic changes. He fell in love with Irina Lobachyov, which was engaged in the same group, but she rolled with another partner. They began dating and soon act together.

Determining factor in the life of the newlyweds began in 1995, when they got married and moved to the United States. In America, they are trained for 7 years.

The first performance at the Olympic Games

Ilya Averbukh, figure skater: biography, personal life, sports achievements

In 1998, the pair made its debut at the Olympics in ice dancing. Competitions were held in Nagano, Japan.

Figure skater Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva after the compulsory program ranked 5th. The same results are shown in the original and free dance. As a result, the pair finished fifth.

Won by Russians Oksana Grischuk and Evgeny Platov. Marina Anisina previously performed with Averbukh won the bronze medal in pairs with Gvendel Peizerat under the French flag.

The victory at the World Cup

Ilya Averbukh, figure skater: biography, personal life, sports achievements

In 2002, Irina Lobacheva and Ilya Averbukh once again to conquer the Olympic summit. By this time they were already 4 times won the championship of Russia.

But the season prior to the Olympic Games, they had missed. Lobachyova suffered a knee injury, due to which they were not at any stage of the World Grand Prix. Despite this, they were able to properly prepare for the 2002 season.

In March, the World Championships in Nagano, Japan. Lobacheva and Averbukh have left rivals no chance. In all programs, the judges consistently gave them first place. As a result, they were the first time in his career have won the world championship in ice dancing. It is worth noting that the Russian pairs in the form of the program there were only two. Tatiana Navka with Roman Kostomarov won only 8 seats. The second were the Canadians Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz, bronze Israelis - Galit Chait and Sergei Sakhnovsky.

The Olympic Games in Salt Lake City

Ilya Averbukh, figure skater: biography, personal life, sports achievements

At the Olympics in the US pair came to the rank of one of the favorites. Ilya Averbukh Izyaslavich seriously counting on the highest dignity medal in ice dancing. But the competition this time was much higher.

According to the results of the compulsory program became the second pair, giving the former partner Averbukh Anissina and Peizerat, who spoke for the French team. Clear the backlog in the original and free dance and failed.

The Russians were second victory at the Olympics have won the French. Bronze Italians Barbara Fusar-Poli and Maurizio Margalit her partner.

In amateur sports Averbukh and Lobachyova spent another year. During this time they have won gold medals at the European Championships and finished second at the world championships, losing to the Canadian pair Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz.

Life skater

Ilya Averbukh, figure skater: biography, personal life, sports achievements

Ilya Averbukh, who was interested in the personal life of his fans and fans for many years, was married to Irina Lobachevoj.

It is worth noting that a major role in shaping the destiny of the skater's played his parents. Izyaslav Averbukh working businessman, and his mother Julia Burdo Markovna taught in school. Their family was not the only son of Ilya Averbukh. Personal life parents famous skater has developed successfully. Ilya has a brother, Daniel, who also became an athlete. He is now 27 years old, he engaged in fencing. His highest achievement - victory at the European Championships in foil fencing among cadets. Together with Irina Lobachevoj until 2007 was Ilya Averbukh. Children of the couple appeared in 2004. In known skaters she had a son. He was named Martin. In 2007, the couple separated, having been married for 12 years. There was one Ilya Averbukh. Children of divorced parents suffer minimally. Martin stayed with his mother, but is seen regularly with his father.

ice show Ilya Averbukh

After finishing his career in professional sport, Averbukh, together with his partner decided not to remain in the United States to act in a professional show and return to Russia.

Already in 2004, Averbukh founded his own show on the ice, which is called the "Ice Symphony". The theatrical performances attended by the best skaters, among whom were European champions, world and Olympic.

Participants in the "Ice Symphony" went with special tours across the country. For example, one of the festive program was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Tatiana Tarasova, who raised more than one generation of skaters-champions.

Ice show Ilya Averbukh in conjunction with Channel released a number of popular television shows. Among them, the "Stars on Ice", "Ice Age", "Ice and Fire", "Bolero". After each TV show project participants went on a tour of Russian cities on tour. Averbukh during which acted as lead shows.

In the 2010s he made his own musical on ice, which was named "City Lights". The first performance took place on "Russia" in the State Concert Hall in Moscow.

Averbukh himself was not limited to the role of a producer and a leading ice shows. He tries himself in the film industry. As a producer he has made in sports melodrama "Hot Ice", dedicated to the fate of people whose lives are somehow connected with figure skating. In the film, attended by skaters Roman Kostomarov, Alexei Yagudin and famous artists - Anna Bol'shova, Lyudmila Artemyev. Averbukh himself played in "Hot Ice" as a cameo, that is, as himself. As an actor Averbukh first appeared on screen in 2004 in a detective film Vsevolod Plotkin and Aleksandra Stefanovic "Cruel Time". He played a journalist Ilya Gavrilov.

The film is put on the novel by writer Eduard Khrutsky called "Silent Death". Events unfolding picture in the early '90s, when many law enforcement officers from the miserable salaries have left the profession. Some remained in service in the bodies of others - in the gang. There comes a time of cruel, where everyone survives, as best he can.

In 2005, she played in the musical Averbukh Felix Mikhailov and Yegor Druzhinin, "Night at the Disco style." Skater got the role of a young man on the ice.

In 2012, he took part in the musical film multiserial "After School", performing the role of the driver Ilia Averbukh.

ex-figure skater is now 43 years old, he continues his career showman.