Javier Saviola: "Rabbit" with assists intuition

Javier Saviola - Argentine former football player, which flourished in the period of the beginning of the new century, when the striker defended the colors of the Catalan "Barcelona". In all their clubs Javier was one of the most undersized players, but always had a jet speed and good dribbling. For these qualities a football player has received from fans nicknamed "Rabbit".

Javier Saviola:

Start a career in Europe and move to

Father Javier Saviola whole life was an ardent admirer of the Argentine club "River Plate", so when his son was ten years old, Saviola Sr. gave it to the nursery school "millionaires". Man engaged in the youth team for eight years.

Javier Saviola - soccer player, which is called "precast". Already at the age of sixteen, he has consistently hit the gates of the enemy, and he did it perfectly in different styles. When grown in 168 cm Javier often gets in lightning strikes head, after which goalkeepers opponents were forced to surrender.

Javier Saviola:

Javier Saviola has become one of the main actors who have brought "River Plate" triumphs in the Clausura and Apertura in 1999-2000. Several times a striker admitted the best among its role players, and in 1999 a young football player Saviola got the title of the year in South America.

Not surprisingly, it was not long until then, until the club's office began to receive inquiries about the player's transfer fee from top European clubs. Of course, in the "River" tried to keep the player, but the farther away, the clearer it became that moving forward in the Old World is inevitable. The most agile and persistent was the "Barcelona", so the season 2001-2002 Javier Saviola has already started in the Barça shirt of the Catalan club. The amount of transfer was 15 million euros. Despite the start, along with the transition in the life of a striker black band (his father's death, litigation with former club), Saviola continued to score a lot in his first season in Spain, ranked fourth in the list of scorers. A small decline in the game he came only for one year of football - Argentine dropped out of tactical constructions Louis van Gala, but with the advent of the coaching bridge Radomir Antic, and later - Frank Rijkaard, the striker returned to the erstwhile performance.

Lease and the transition to the "Real"

By mid-decade, "Barcelona" has been a high level of surplus of forwards, so Javier Saviola went to seek his fortune in rent. First, in the "Monaco", then - in the "Seville", where the jet Argentine striker, on the idea of ​​the coach, was to replace the departed in "Galaktikos" Julio Baptista. From "Sevilla" in 2006, the striker managed to win the UEFA Cup, after which he returned to the "Barcelona", which, as it became known a year later, he was useless.

Forward tried to revive his career in the camp of the principal rival "blue garnet" - Madrid "Real", but very quickly lost the competition for a place in the Dutch Huntelaar.

Javier Saviola:


The next player has become a haven Argentine Lisbon "Benfica", in which career Saviola again began to play rainbow colors. Forward held in Portugal three strong seasons and scored 24 goals in 69 matches for "eagles".

home wanderings through Europe and return to

At the time of completion of the contract with the "Benfica" Saviola turned 32 years old, that the attacker actually meant the beginning of the search for a new club. Striker in Europe since the season played in Spain, Greece and Italy and looked quite nice, though for obvious reasons has not demonstrated the effectiveness of the former. The "Malaga" striker could once again perform in the Champions League, and the "Verona" became his swan song in the Old World. But the Balkans is well remembered, who is Javier Saviola. "Olympiacos", whose colors defended the Argentine striker in the season of 2013-2014., With "rabbit" on the point of attack became the champion of Greece, and the striker himself has demonstrated that he is still in the form. For "Oli" Saviola marked twelve balls in 26 matches. In 2015, football returned to finish the game in his native Argentina and in the home, "River Plate". He spent another 13 matches for "millionaires", and then retired.

Javier Saviola:

Javier Saviola: the personal life of

Despite his star status throughout their careers Argentine striker publicly lifestyle I prefer a quiet family holiday. It should be a very work hard to find photos of a football player, made somewhere at a party or nightclub. Is that along with teammates during the trophy celebration.

In 2013, the long awaited child was born in the family of Javier and his wife Amata Romanello. According to the pair, the event, which they waited for seven long years, it has become important in their lives.