Transparent blouse: what to wear, particular style, best images

Transparent blouse - an integral part of the wardrobe of every girl. While some do not dare to wear it because they feel like garment vulgar. However, the girl in transparent blouses look beautiful and sexy, unless, of course, properly combine things in the image as a whole.

It is important to understand that not all models are suitable for this or that figure, and should choose the right style for the occasion. In this set of clothing designs, colors and patterns.

Transparent blouse: what to wear, particular style, best images

The designers for many years believe that transparent blouse (photo it is represented in the article), as the little black dress - should be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting girl.

Correctly picked up blouse will attract the eyes of men and give confidence. In addition, in the hot season is such a thing simply irreplaceable.


There are different styles of blouses. Let's look at them:

  1. Sleeveless. These blouses are suitable for the hot time when you want to maximize open body. However, they are not suitable to girls who have your hands full.
  2. With the collar. Perfect for business style. Combined with jackets, cardigans, jackets. Under this shirt you can wear a T-shirt or top.
  3. Basques. This style perfectly conceals problem areas in the waist area. And if you use a blouse with a belt, it will emphasize all the advantages of a figure.
  4. Fitted. Under this shirt should be chosen carefully underwear and accessories. Suitable only owners of a good figure and skin.
  5. C short sleeve. Suitable for light and romantic image. With such a great blouse will look bright accessories.
  6. Long Sleeve. The model is more versatile and is suitable for various events, such blouses hide different figure flaws.

The design and color of

Each thing has its own special patterns and colors. In transparent blouses are enough of them. Let's look at the popular colors:

Transparent blouse: what to wear, particular style, best images
  1. In the strip. The vertical stripe visually stretches the figure. It makes it more elegant, in harmony with the light shades of pants, shorts, skirts. The horizontal strip emphasize chic curves of the female body. It will look great with shorts and skirts, bright colors.
  2. In peas. These blouses are ideal for business style. They are best combined it with classic trousers.
  3. White. White transparent blouse suitable for almost everyone, and combined with a lot of things in different colors. It gives the image a certain lightness and airiness. An excellent choice for business style.
  4. Black. A classic and versatile embodiment is a black transparent blouse. This model makes the image more feminine and sexy, the main thing - correctly picked up sheets and a minimum of accessories.

Where to wear a transparent blouse?

Transparent blouse is suitable for various events, work. In everyday life, and at the party, she will also be relevant. However it is necessary to distinguish between what and how to wear this article of clothing for various events. So:

  1. at the party. It is better to choose a bright model (for example, red), simple jeans perfectly complement the image. A footwear to this ideal image will ballet flats.
  2. At the wedding. It is necessary to choose a festive pattern. However it is better to abandon the black and white colors. It is best to pick up a blouse blue, emerald green and burgundy shades. Perfect bottom to this way will be pants with arrows or pleated skirt. Appropriate will be bright decorations. Shoes is better to choose wedges or heels.

Let's look at some ideas:

Transparent blouse: what to wear, particular style, best images
  1. Casual. the most comfortable models will be the best choice. Therefore it is necessary to abandon the decorative elements. For this image to be the bottom of a great colored jeans or trousers. As the shoe should pick up the sneakers, loafers or ballet flats.
  2. Summer. Give preference to cost models with drawings or prints, as well as with short sleeves or without. Skirt or shorts - bottom to complete the image. Sandals or flip flops to wedges complement the image.
  3. Evening. It is best to choose a blouse with ruffles or other decorative elements: sequins, beads. You can also wear a skirt, shoes court shoes.
  4. Business. It is better to choose a one-color clothes, and on top to throw a jacket or cardigan. If outer clothing is inappropriate, it is best to choose a blouse, sleeveless, for example, with pockets on the chest. Blouse is best to pick one-color, and at the bottom, it is desirable to wear a skirt or trousers with a high waist. This image will be perfectly complement high heels or sandals on the platform.


From what to wear a transparent blouse? Each girl who has a wardrobe in this thing, this question is given. There are many options, and they will all look great.

Transparent blouse combined with a skirt. Fit any model, the main thing - to take into account features of the figure.

Transparent blouse: what to wear, particular style, best images

With the pants goes well with a transparent blouse. It is perfect for a classic version of the arrow from a dense material. Style changes to the business to the front, depending on the shoes and accessories.

With jeans, a perfect match transparent blouse. This option is suitable for everyday use. At the same jeans fit a variety of styles.

Denim overalls creates sloppy easy way. Such addition can pick up sandals with wedge heels or low heel wide. Also relevant loafers or ballet flats.

Who and how to wear a transparent blouse?

Naturally, such clothing is not fit all, and better take into account their shape, choosing such things.

For example, girls having overweight, under transparent blouse better wear loose tops or tops on the straps.

Pyshechki should not wear short or close-fitting things from sheer fabric. It is better to choose the volume or straight cut with a minimum number of decorative elements.

Also, do not combine blouses with shorts or leggings.

Materials for blouses

for tailoring materials available at the present time very much. Can create transparent blouse of tissues such as:

Transparent blouse: what to wear, particular style, best images
  1. Guipure. Lace and lightweight material with a bulk embroidery looks very gently, gives romantic image. Look after the fabric is very simple.

    Although most of this material supplement translucent blouses.

  2. Organza. This is a lightweight material of which often create things in the oriental style. It has high strength and is not wrinkled. Although such wash blouses, will likely have to manually, especially if they are decorated with beads or sequins.
  3. Chiffon. One of the most popular materials for creating transparent blouses. Is light and airy, it gives the image of tenderness. Chiffon blouse is very comfortable. However, because of the thinness of the material requires delicate care.
  4. Baptiste. A very fine linen cloth is combined with lace.

Models blouses

Now consider the different models:

  1. Classic. often have long sleeves and collar. They at least the decorative elements. Their basis - the simplicity and austerity. It is best suited for business style.
  2. Shirts. are also similar to the classic blouses, but often have buttons or other fasteners. Well combined with the strict trousers or jeans. Also relevant in business style.
  3. Tunics. Blouses mid-thigh, often with a round neck (sometimes have a belt). Combined with narrowed trousers and jeans.
  4. blouse-top - short, open, sleeveless. Can have an interesting cut. For example, an open back or bare shoulders.
  5. T-shirts. A certain similarity with the tops, but longer. Summer version. Sometimes, there are decorative elements. Ideal for the casual.

Linen blouse

Choose underwear under a transparent blouse - it is quite a difficult task.

The wrong bra can ruin the image, and you'll look vulgar.

Under transparent blouse it is best to choose a bra Flesh Tone, which will match the skin tone as underwear in this case should be as inconspicuous.

Transparent blouse: what to wear, particular style, best images

Sometimes you can afford to pick up the bodice to match the jacket.

Teenage girls for a party is allowed to combine a transparent blouse with contrast color bra.

Bra Model

A good idea to pick up clothes, similar to the material blouses, especially if it's lace. In this case, better to choose an expensive and high-quality lace bra.

However, with a chiffon blouse better combine simple smooth underwear model.

For a more rigorous style, you can wear a T-shirt or top necessarily similar color.

Body type blouse and

It is important to select a type of blouse pieces. How to do it? This we shall now describe.

Transparent blouse: what to wear, particular style, best images
  1. The figure of "hourglass". For such a figure will fit any cut, color, fabric and style blouses. However, why not emphasize the beautiful shapes? Therefore, preference is better to give a short-cut models, you can even add a belt. It is better to avoid a large number of decorative elements - your figure does not.
  2. Wide hips. It is advisable to opt for a blouse with puffed sleeves, with small decorative elements on the upper part (ruffles, ruffles). If the waist is thin, then it is better to emphasize the belt. Neckline it's better to be square or round.
  3. Broad shoulders. It is desirable to select blouses with cutout "boat" deep circular or V-shaped. Sleeves "bat" or three-quarters. Better to take a length to mid-thigh. Contraindicated in large drawings.
  4. Narrow hips and shoulders. The oval or square neckline. Blouses with extended downwards cut and high-waisted, no appliqués, prints and quilling.
  5. Full waist. No belts and slim line models. Choose blouses, trapeze in size. Possible vertical bar. Drapery and folds at the waist will hide flaws.


It is important to not be afraid to experiment with its image, and a transparent blouse (if it is worn by all the rules) would be a smart addition to any bow. Perhaps it is this article of clothing will be your unique "twist".

Famous fashion houses now offer a variety of models and styles of blouses: black transparent in different interpretations, in large and small peas, stitched lace, frilly, with white dots and a dark belt.