"Boy-old man" of Astana had plastic surgery

A six year old boy with a birth suffers from a rare pathology - loose skin syndrome. The disease is accompanied by a bunch of other diseases.

Leather baby easily stretches and hangs down under its own weight, forming folds and wrinkles. In his six years boy looks like an old man.

According to the boy's mother, the child was born a normal, healthy baby. However, two months later, the mother began to notice that the child begins to sag around the face skin. Referred to as "aging" continued throughout the body and the body.

Yernar Alikbekova called "Kazakh Benjamin Button", remembering the movie about a man who was born 80-year-old and became younger.

The reason for sluggish skin until the end of the syndrome has not been established, so it is impossible to cure the disease, but doctors can improve the quality of life Yernar.

Recently, the Kazakh Research Institute of Eye Diseases child under general anesthesia had plastic surgery. The need has arisen in this operation because the skin of the eyelids and eyelashes heavily drooped steel touch the cornea. To solve this problem, surgeons have made the boy blepharoplasty.

The operation was successful, Ernar currently undergoing rehabilitation. Despite the fact that plastic surgery are only allowed to 18 years, in the case of doctors Ernar departed from the rules.

Removal of excess skin on the eyelids family Alibekova a cost of 112 thousand tenge (slightly more than 20 thousand rubles), not including the preliminary examination, flights and accommodation.