Mike Tyson: height, weight, interesting facts and biography of boxer

The future of the world Star Boxing - Mike Tyson was born on 30/06/1966 in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up without a father. He has an older brother named Rodney and older sister Denise. Nothing indicated the results that the future boxer subsequently reached.

Childhood Mike Tyson

As a child, one of the greatest boxers of modern times had a sweet disposition. Even the older brother together with the neighborhood boys often mocked him. But it did not last long. Little Mike loved pigeons, and once, when he was 11 years old, a teenager from a street gang snatched from his hands and turned pet bird dove neck. Mad with rage, Mike brutally beat a guy, and his character was a crisis.

Young Mike Tyson took in a street gang, where he quickly earned the respect of adolescents and together started stealing and looting them. He often got to the police station. Once he got to see the legendary Muhammad Ali, who visited detention facilities for troubled teens. This encounter changed the whole life of the future stars of boxing, he had the desire to engage in this sport.

Mike Tyson: height, weight, interesting facts and biography of boxer

First coach

At the age of 13, Mike falls into a special school for juvenile delinquents - he at that time was considered incorrigible. Physical education teacher worked there last boxer Bobby Steward. After Tyson once again got in the cooler, the guy decided that would be a boxer. Steward has agreed to train him, but only on condition that Mike starts to study well and correct the behavior. Under the guidance of the teacher, Mike, who was considered absolutely incorrigible, he is beginning to show success in boxing and school.

After some time, Bobby Steward began to realize that he can not give her more talented students, and introduces him to the legend, a wonderful coach, a manager and a person Cass D'Amato. This person saw a young boxer talent and created a great team of professionals around him. After that Mike Tyson (height, weight, see. Below) at 15 years of age (in 1981) he made his debut as a boxer in Holyoke Club in New York, where he earned the nickname "Tank". Cass D'Amato replaced his father, Mike, and thanks to him became what it is today.

Mike Tyson: height, weight, interesting facts and biography of boxer

Height Mike Tyson and weight

This is important for boxers ratio. According to some, Tyson growth was 180 cm, weight 96-108 kg. But official data differ. There are allegations that the figure is 181 cm. So how tall is Mike Tyson really? His height - 178 cm, working weight in the best years - 98 kg.

Mike Tyson: height, weight, interesting facts and biography of boxer

amateur career

Young Mike Tyson, the growth of which the skill was swift and fast, has won the right to participate in the Youth Olympic Games in 1982, the final of which he won a tough knockout over Joe Cortez. He took it for a few seconds. In 1983, Mike has conceded only one fight Al Evans. Despite the defeat, the boxer has won the right to speak at the prestigious tournament "Golden Gloves", but in these competitions, he won only a silver medal, having suffered a controversial defeat in the final against Craig Payne. This fight was very controversial, and the audience booed after the announcement of the winner Craig.

1984 Mike Tyson (height, the weight of which is 178 cm and 98 kg, respectively) started well and won in all matches. He wanted to get to the Olympic Games, to be held this year in Los Angeles. Tyson spent qualifying match against Henry Tillman and started successfully, sending him to the canvas in the first round, but not finalized, and gave him with the score 3: 2. According to many experts, Tyson won the fight. He then met with the fighter in another qualifying match, and the judges' decision was the same. Tillman won with the score 3: 2 and subsequently won a gold Olympic medal. Rumors that Tyson simply do not want to let the Olympic Games because of the hard boxing style.

Mike Tyson (height, weight, in the best years was small for this category) in 1990 will take revenge on the guy, but in the professional ring, sending him to a knockout in the first round. Mike won another significant Tammer tournament held in Tampere in 1984.

Mike Tyson: height, weight, interesting facts and biography of boxer

The rapid rise of the professional career of Mike Tyson

March 5, 1985 begins a professional boxer's career, which will speak for many years all over the world. This is the man that will change beyond recognition, boxing, his name will be the most popular. All this - Iron Mike Tyson. The growth of his popularity was incredible. In 1985, Mike spent 15 matches and won all, bright and fast-attacking their rivals by sending them to a knockout in the first round.

The first opponent, who was able to hold on in the ring with Iron Mike before the 5th round, became Jameson, but most likely, it was affected by that Tyson just 13 days ago, spent fighting and has not had time to fully recover. In 1986, Tyson's boxing against Jesse Ferguson and beautiful uppercut breaks his nose at the end of Round 5, but Jesse miraculously was able to withstand the most severe pressure of a young soldier and was eventually disqualified for evil work, because it is constantly kept in the hands of the clinch Tyson. This decision was subsequently reviewed and reclassified to a TKO victory.

July 1986 boxing fans remember the fight, which many expected. The son of legendary boxer Joe Frazier Marvis and Mike were considered at that time the most promising boxers. Height and weight of Mike Tyson for the heavyweight division boxers are small, but Iron Mike was able to knock out an opponent for 30 seconds, and this fight was the most rapid in his professional career.

1986 for Mike Tyson was the best in his career, he was able to win the championship title and become the youngest world champion in the professional heavyweight champion at 20 years of age. But before the battle could not survive his legendary trainer Cass D'Amato - he died shortly before the title clash. Everyone thought that Mike will not be able to box, but he was able to come and dedicate the victory to his trainer. Before this fight his new mentor was Kevin Rooney, who received the title of the young coach who has brought the world champion. His opponent was the reigning champion of the world in the most prestigious version of the WBC - Trevor Berbick. Mike was just perfect and was able to knock out an opponent in the 3rd round. The rapid growth of Mike Tyson in 20 years as a heavyweight boxer, aroused great interest among all the world's experts.

Mike Tyson: height, weight, interesting facts and biography of boxer


Great boxer has been married several times. His first wife was the actress Robin Givens. Marriage famous boxer and actress did not last long, about 1 year. He saw the large number of scandals and struck Mike greater psychological trauma. As well as a round sum divorce cost - $ 10 million. Further, Tyson has married twice. Torner choice was Monica and Lucky Spicer. By his second wife have a daughter, Mike Ryan and son Amir. Mike cheated on his wife and led dissolute lifestyle that logically led to the divorce. After this, Tyson began to live with his mistress, who bore him a daughter, Exodus, but her fate was tragic. She accidentally hanged herself on a loop of the rope, which was fastened on the simulator.

In 2009, at age 42 marries legendary boxer again. From this marriage he had a son, who was born in 2011. Also, Mike has illegitimate children: Mikey, Lorna, and Deamata Kilreyn.

Mike Tyson: height, weight, interesting facts and biography of boxer


1991 completely buckled career boxer. Mike met a girl named Desiree Washington, who participated in a beauty contest "Miss Black America" ​​and Tyson visited him. The very next day, the girl accused the boxer of rape. Ex-champion, despite unconfirmed allegations, sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. Sitting in prison, a great boxer had converted to Islam and got Malik Abdul Aziz name. In 1995, Tyson had spent in prison for 3 years, was released early (for good behavior).

Health Problems

Mike from childhood had problems with light, he often found himself in the hospital.

The famous boxer as experienced with the use of alcohol problems began after the divorce in 1989. There was a time, he even stopped train. After Mike had a fight against Douglas, he decided to enroll in treatment. Mike still had a strong addiction to drugs in the mid-90s until 2010. In this regard, the boxer had problems with the law, but the result was the highly traumatized. His weight has increased dramatically, and he felt very uncomfortable.

In 2007-2010, Mike Tyson, who was not too tall, weighed 160 kilograms. Therefore, since 2009 the boxer decided to become a vegetarian and began intensive training, so that lost almost 50 kg.

Mike Tyson: height, weight, interesting facts and biography of boxer

End of career of the great boxer

In 90-ies of the last century, the decline of the great champion's career. After he lost to Buster Douglas, a protest related to the result of the battle, from the promoter Mike, Don King, have not, moreover, the challenger refused to hold a rematch, Tyson had to act as a challenger for the world title. Boxer Thomas Hearns set strict conditions for the match. Mike had to lose weight to 90 kg. Rival Tyson became Olympic champion Tillman, Mike and successfully took his revenge for the defeat at the amateur boxing ring.

Next Mike Tyson is trying a long time to box, but the constant scandals, as well as alcohol and drug abuse were not given a chance to the great champion of a successful return to the ring after imprisonment. It was famous 2 bout with Evander Hollyfild, one of which Mike bit off his ear piece. It was a fight with Briton Lennox Lewis, Tyson but steadily lost and had nothing to do with it.

In 2006, Tyson had scheduled a farewell world tour, but he was able to spend only a single battle against the little-known boxer Corey Sanders (not to be confused with the South African Corey Sanders) and won. Thus ended the career of legendary boxer. Mike Tyson (height, weight celebrity did not seem to bode achieve such high results in heavyweight) forever inscribed his name in boxing history as one of the greatest boxers who ever lived on the planet.