Scary places in Russia | Cities and countries

In the vastness of Russia, a lot of beautiful places that are worth visiting again and again. But there are places where there is better not to appear. About the places you and I'll discuss in this article.

Scary places in Russia | Cities and countries

The worst place in the Russian

"Devil's ravine"

Headed at the top most horrible places in Russia, "Devil's ravine".

Scary places in Russia | Cities and countries

This is a terrible place is located near the village Lyady in Pskov. Residents say that in place of "Devil's ravine" often people disappear, mostly mushroom pickers. Before the war there was gone without a trace more than 20 people. There were times when people were missing after a couple of days, and talked about the incredible stories that happened to them.

Cape Ryty

In second place terrible Russian stamp - Cape Ryty.

Scary places in Russia | Cities and countries

Is this a terrible place on the lake. Eyewitnesses reported that when near Cape boats sail they begin to act up navigation and compasses, radio waves are bad. Also on Cape rytom huge amount of earth bees who do not miss an opportunity to sting someone. Bites of bees is much more painful bites of their relatives from other places. Periodically in the Cape increased background radiation, which led the people who once lived near Cape to an early death.

"Meat Bor"

Third place in the ranking of the worst places in Russia takes place with a horrible name "Meat Bor".

Scary places in Russia | Cities and countries

"Meat Bor" is located in the Novgorod region, in the woods. Quite a marshy place. According to the stories of local residents - in time of WWII in the forest, killing many soldiers, which still nobody buried. Tens of thousands did not and repose of the souls of unburied mortal remains are in the "Meat Bor". Eerie place in the photo ...

"Barrow Sineus"

Fourth place in the top worst places occupied. "Kurgan Sineus" near Belaazyorsk.

Scary places in Russia | Cities and countries

This area is considered to be the burial place of the king of ancient Rus - Sineus. During Soviet times, the mound was dug for the storage of potatoes, which after some time has rotted and formed a deep pit dug at the site repository. People often fall into this pit, then found the bodies of their farmers, they're them and pulled. As the legend goes - disturbed the repose of the Bolsheviks in the place the king of luring people into the pit.

"Devil's Gate"

Fifth place in the top is called "Devil's Gate".

Scary places in Russia | Cities and countries

This is a narrow spot on the Kolyma tract. Between the two pinnacles is a road on which the accident occurs and the case is confirmed by the local bulletins.

Here is such a get top most horrible places in Russia. You know more some fearful and abandoned places, tell us about it in the comments to share knowledge with others.