Good server CS 1.6 | Games

Basically, when you want to find a good server CS 1.6, faced with such adversity as permanent or very frequent lags, high ping, the lack of players on the server, or inadequate administrators. Good server CS 1.6, as for me, consists of attentiveness and responsiveness of administrators, from a plug-army rank (bleeding at the expense of frags and assign you the title of a pleasant thing, agree), and, of course, the lack of lag, which interfere with normal play. More important point is the atmosphere of the game, which creates the ordinary visitors, experienced fighters and the administration by which the server would like to go again and again, without paying much attention to the other server.

Good server CS 1.6 | Games

Hello, my name is Arthur. I invite you to play, on a good server CS 1.6 -

CS 1.6 can be downloaded from the website

CS Server 1.6 from the social network "VKontakte"

Classical assembly CS 1.6 - download cs 1.6 bots

Drowning in the spaces known social networks - I finally found the best, as for me CS 1.6 server from the group VKontakte. This server proved one of the best servers (as I understood later, the server they had many, to suit different tastes). The interest aroused my Only de_dust2 and 2x2 server - Here I have found, so to speak, their happiness. It was on that server, I found what was looking for, and what the other lacked. This server CS 1.6 public and for me it became an outlet, a respite from the everyday working routine. Here is a nice atmosphere, a lot of interesting people from the fraternal countries. This server frags (only murder with a knife or grenade) turn into bonuses for which you can get money, 200hp or mega grenades, which can immediately kill a few people. Also responsive administrators that respond to your requests and, of course, the players, which eventually will be friends or just to chat.

Good server CS 1.6 | Games

de_dust2 Map and tactics of the game

The tactics of the game on the map de_dust2 is different and depends on whom you come (for terrorists or counter terrorists). Play desirable as required by the team, not as you want (on the map this alone rarely wins).

On the part of counter terrorism protection goes bases A and B. To protect But we need to keep a box, if it passed the players of the other team, you try to keep the length and the ridge. To protect B tomku hold the upper hand, the corridor and the base itself. If terrorists have been the center (important on this map), then things are bad - terrors can attack just two points, which is very unpleasant and creates a lot of problems. The terrorist attacks on de_dust2 map can be quite varied: from the passages under the door smoke, so as not to kill avepeshnik and flush down the middle. You can also strike coordinated attack (Rush) on any database. Penetrations through tomku bank or by using a large amount of flash, and forwards rather simple speed.