What's to celebrate the New Year? | Tips

Increasingly the fair sex can be traced desire to meet the wishes of the new year according to the Eastern calendar.

What's to celebrate the New Year? | Tips

The symbol of the coming 2015 year is the Blue wooden goat, so to achieve its favorable location in the coming year, it is worth carefully choose clothing option for the New Year holiday.

When choosing colors should look to blue, turquoise, green, purple, gray and white. Better to choose natural fabrics, synthetics in any manifestation is not desirable.

New Year's Eve to look original, you should choose clothes with a combination of contrasting and colorful flowers in the different layers of clothing.

Asymmetry forms attire and no doubt will attract attention. This may be a dress or top over one shoulder, a skirt of varying lengths. Also stand out from the crowd will help this outfit as dress pants. Feathers and fur can be used as decoration of clothing. Fur capes, boleros and collars perfectly complement the outfit.

But do not forget that the loveliness and tenderness, always in fashion, so the lace and pastel colors are also suitable as a dress.

Whatever choice you did not, the main thing that was comfortable for you. After all, the best and most original option would be one where the external image corresponds to the internal state. And the new year comes a sheep, only 19 of February.