Rules for the super-player game World of Tanks | Games

Ready to become a super-player ?! Then carefully study this article and try to follow these instructions all the time.

Rules for the super-player game World of Tanks | Games

Here's how:

  1. for a good game set Polzomer app for World of Tanks. Starting with your first battle in the game he will always help you, thanks to him, you will see the statistics and to analyze it, learn how to help the players, but about what to forget.
  2. This application will help you to pre-select those players who need help. In addition, you Raidcall useful program that allows you to send instant voice messages and thereby better consolidate your actions as a team.
  3. For the best games to buy himself a Premium Tank, namely Churchill III of, quite a good car for the game on the fifth level with high profitability, and once your account is 3000-4000 tournaments, buy Lowe himself.
  4. The branches of PT-ACS and radiotherapy do not touch, they are highly problematic.
  5. Increase productivity World of Tanks, for example offers wot tweaker, a program that allows to optimize the gameplay.
  6. If you perish in every battle, and you are already tired of it, here are some competent advice:
  7. When the sounds please help - help, remain alive the whole team.
  8. Follow the main rule - it's a team game in which you play not only one, but also a partner.
  9. Try to install the machines for its auxiliary modules - "ventilation", "rammer", "reinforced drives and pickup" and other gadgets.
  1. If you have a medium tank - stay during the battle behind the rest of the allies, as well as try to strike the enemy damage. With this tactic your frankly poor protection and lack of xn will not disturb you much and stand out.
  2. If you play on a heavy tank, the ezhzhayte for "good players", which you calculate using polzomera, respectively, will be able to identify profitable positions and you can stay alive, hiding behind the dead partner. Try to shoot when there is confidence that the enemy had shot and have time for your shot.
  3. try to inflict more damage on the ART-ACS and be sure to always move to a different location after each stroke, because there are those who prey on the "tracers."

Suck training at 100% of their team.

Good luck in the fight for victory!