From an array of doors decorate the interior | Fazenda

Every good landlord chooses to repair his house only high-quality, eco-friendly, natural materials that look natural. For example, for the doors of the best material is considered to be the wood.

From an array of doors decorate the interior | Fazenda

Doors made of it, and will serve for a long time. Moreover, they are the real decoration of the interior: elegant machined parts, a variety of shapes will satisfy their customers. No wonder the beauty and warmth of natural wood prized since ancient times. Added to this is that most of us - are superstitious, so believe that all natural radiates positive energy.

Wood doors are considered to be noble and elegant products which will bring these qualities, and so on the premises where they are installed. The price depends on that of their wood from which they are made. Elite doors are made of the same rare expensive wood. But any tree itself, on how much quality it was not - the material is fairly fragile. The strength and durability of this material depends on the processing method, surface treatments and coatings as well as waxes and varnishes.

Especially popular now rightfully enjoy the massive doors. They are made of precious wood. Not be amiss to note that the types of technology manufacture of doors quite complicated. Such doors are unique, look beautiful, elegant and unique. In this case, even the most cutting-edge design will not be affected, as the doors of the array can be harmoniously combined with different materials. In addition to the doors of the array, there are many others of their species, such as, for example, plastic doors, who, by the way, its advantages, but the door of the array - it's beautiful and stylish.

In order to understand what is the uniqueness of doors from the array, what is their advantage, and how it is useful.

What is an array? Array - are elements of the doors are made of a unique way, filling vsploshnuyu of natural wood.

There are two manufacturing techniques of doors from the array:

  • is the first technology to use single piece of wood, it is a traditional way;
  • the second - a cheaper, use an array that glue.

may also want to note that in the manufacture of doors, laminated array of doors become uneven color, which further indicates their naturalness.

production technology indicates the duration of the use of such doors. Quality doors from the array depends on the raw material that needs to be thoroughly dried before manufacturing. Otherwise, the doors will appear cracked, various defects. Also the quality of the doors of the array is also influenced by the technology on which they are bonded. It should occur at a certain temperature and humidity. Exterior doors of the array and their resistance to moisture depends on the correctness of paint. Care in the selection of doors from the array to avoid disappointment.