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The company Bigpoint is famous for the fact that creates a bright, attention-grabbing, dynamic browser-based multiplayer games. The latest creation of the company was the multiplayer action "Pirate Storm".

The great advantage of this game is that it can play anyone, and it is absolutely free. But if you want to accelerate the development of your character, you can use the services of a virtual store where you can buy various improvements. Consider the features specified game.

The storyline

As you probably already knew by name, in this game you will play the role of a pirate, sailing the seas and oceans. At the starting area, you are given a basic ship, using which you will be able to score their first level, earn a little game currency to buy a better ship and equipment. The starting areas Pirate Storm game does not offer much of a challenge - to develop, carry out quests will be relatively easy. You have to fight with mobs, each of which adds points to an increase in the level. Once your character is a little bit "older", you will be available to new locations with more aggressive and strong mobs. In the end, it will have an opportunity to fight not only with the computer, but also with other players while carrying out quests. Portrayal of the characters, the objects in the "Pirate Storm" very detailed, colorful, and controls are simple and clear.


Of the features of "Pirate Storm" it is worth noting that here there is quite a balanced PVE and PVP. Ie at lower levels the player can easily develop, get used to the interface, features of passage of quests. It is only when all the necessary skills are acquired, the player's release in the "big world" where you can compete with other players to test their strength on a ship in the battle with the bosses. Because of this interest in the game is not lost, but in order to get to the TOP among other pirates in any case have to buy equipment, vehicles for real money. Although with some patience and time costs is realistic to accumulate in-game currency for the purchase of a top-end stuff. Pay particular attention to the location Carados. There are encouraged to be most interesting quests, for each of which you can get the experience, considerably raising the level of the player.

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