Svetlana Kapanina: biography, photos and interesting facts

Svetlana Kapanina - not just a sport pilot pro. She - a real queen of heaven. On its iron ship charming young woman makes a virtuoso dive and somersault, known around the world as a skilled aerobatics Svetlana Kapanina.

So, meet - charming and inimitable, strong and fearless sevenfold champion of the world!

Svetlana Kapanina: biography, photos and interesting facts


Born Svetlana Kapanina in anticipation of the new, 1969, in the small resort town of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The girl's parents were simple people. His father worked as a taxi driver, mother - accountant. Observing their example, Svetlana increased laborious and purposeful, strong and independent.

Due to the girl's father for the first time I met with a joyous sense of speed. Vladimir fond figure driving on ice. His love of the sport and drive he passed, and the younger daughter - low fragile blonde.

From early childhood, Svetlana Kapanina fond of physical culture pastime. He loved to drive a motorcycle and to participate in the race, for several years engaged in gymnastics, and thanks to its flexibility and plasticity reached considerable heights.

At school, the young Light was the real activist. Addicting constantly something new, aspiring skillfully master any skills pravdolyubka and an excellent student - it served as an example and inspire others with his enthusiasm.


After school, before the young girl was the question - what to devote his life? Professional sports? Or learn more peaceful profession? It would seem that it provided any sports career.

Svetlana Kapanina: biography, photos and interesting facts

But Svetlana Kapanina, acrobatics which will fascinate and captivate the hearts of millions of viewers in just a few years, chooses a very different professional direction. She goes to medical school at the Faculty of Pharmacy and the distribution falls into the small town of Barrow, where he works on a specialty pharmacy in the railway hospital.

Routine daily activities, all kinds of powders and pills are not drowned in the girl cherished dream - to win the boundless sky.

Introduction to Flight

Next to the workers' dormitory, home Svetlana, currently located aviaklub. Without thinking, she went there to investigate. She wanted to jump with a parachute. Delighted with the speed of flight beckoned and attracted like a magnet.

But the instructor of the club - a charming and sporting pilot Leonid Solodovnikov, persuaded her to try yourself as a pilot. He spent with the young Svetlana test flight, had turned her head and bends his unprecedented pickets. Sitting alongside experienced strong man, Kapanina screaming with fear and delight.

They could not help but like each other - in love with the sky-Solodovnikov professional and enthusiastic, athletic, seeking Kapanina themselves. He gave her the first joy of flight, the pilot was introduced to mysteries of life, to learn to feel the car and merge with it, and she ... She smiled at him, admired him, piously he believed it and carefully, scrupulously obeyed. They have become a bright, beautiful couple.

Do not hesitate, Svetlana given a new profession and leaves pharmacology. Already in 1988, she worked in aviaklube, first as an electrician, then - as an instructor pilot.

Svetlana Kapanina: biography, photos and interesting facts

At the age of twenty-six years old girl gets a new formation in the flight-technical school. It takes place one year after the tragedy.

The tragedy of

1994 will be remembered forever Kapanina - the year that killed her beloved. Leonid - so fun, so experienced, so confident, - killed in the sky, lost control.

Svetlana was inconsolable. it seemed mourns not only the wife, but also all that bound her to him. It seemed that this fragile, poor girl will never be the strength to sit in the cockpit and fly. Fly to where fell favorite ...

But Svetlana Kapanina found the strength and determination, she overcame the fear and the pain of loss, and again perched at the helm of the aircraft. While it did so masterfully and brilliantly so delicious and impressive that it all immediately noticed and remembered.


FLIGHTS Svetlana Kapanina affect the complexity of flight maneuvers and sliding unprecedented grace. But how much will power, how much courage and patience necessary for its victories!

Svetlana Kapanina - pilot, is in love with his profession, in love with the sky, in love with the aircraft. Therefore, it can move all - the pain of torn ligaments and blood vessels burst, fear of the unknown and breakdowns, nervous stress and lack of funds. After all, it - first, because it is - the best.

In 1995 Kapanina proved to everyone that she is not just a model of female pilot and first-class aerobatic pilot.

Svetlana Kapanina: biography, photos and interesting facts

This happened in South Africa, where the young girl, only recently survived a terrible tragedy, was the only woman in the world championship and won silver. To give everything 100%, Svetlana has bypassed many experienced daring men and took second place in the competition. This victory is dedicated to his beloved wife. This was followed by other victories, and fearless Kapanina not settled for silver and bronze. She took first place, avoiding the strong, clever men, causing admiration and envy.

Love of country

Svetlana Kapanina, photos which are available in our article, his incredible talent, virtuoso flights and unprecedented restraint and composure gained worldwide popularity and widespread acceptance.

Svetlana Kapanina: biography, photos and interesting facts

Many times, she received an invitation from a foreign Air Club and teams. But for the Russian athletes the main thing - to bring victory homeland, the land where she was born and raised. His victories, his mastery she wants to glorify only homeland.

And even if here in Russia, she lives from paycheck to paycheck, trains for their money and frantically looking for funds for the maintenance of a sport airplane. Her dream - to create a state aviation center to young people - the same enthusiastic boys and girls, as it was once, had the opportunity to learn to fly and feel freedom and happiness to the height of the clouds.


Svetlana Kapanina married to a wonderful man who understands it and supports it. It - Vladimir Stepanov, karate athlete and honored coach of Russia.

They met at the airport, where a man came especially to see the beautiful and brave pilots. He looked at it and fell in love. And they were married after a while. Soon the children were born.

Svetlana Kapanina: biography, photos and interesting facts


Svetlana has two adult children - fourteen year old son and twelve Relight daughter Yesenia. It is noteworthy that no pregnancy or childbirth do not interfere Kapanina sports and win the victory. Svetlana is recognized that immediately after the birth of children ran to the gym, which did not recognize their first flexible movable body. She wondered with horror that can not only perform gymnastic exercises, but not able to jump or elementary perekuvyrknutsya! And this is after two or three weeks forced the decree! Then began a desperate athlete quickly result in shape and train hard. And the result was not long in coming.

For example, within six months after the birth son Svetlana Kapanina amazed the world with its new, brilliant victories!

And, hopefully, ahead of her waiting for even greater peaks and triumphs. She completely deserves it!